Car Blogging, Dirty Car Syndrome & the Dreaded ‘M’ Word

Car Blogging — not as dangerous (or illegal) as it may sound

Car Blogging

I really love this new concept I’ve stumbled across of talking to myself in the car and recording it and then turning it into a blog post. I’ve decided to call it car blogging, which kind of makes sense to me. Other people must be doing it as it seems such an easy way to get some thoughts out and then publish them. The thing that has most impressed me about it is the potential speed one can create a blog post, as it is much easier, much quicker to talk than it is to type. By talking you can just get your thoughts out a lot quicker than typing, I find.

If anyone else does something similar, whether it’s in the car or not, just recording your thoughts and then transcribing it later and turning it into a blog post, let me know. I’ve just started doing it, and it seems pretty cool. My current rate is about… if I talk for five minutes I tend to get about five-hundred words out of it… if that’s of interest.

Dirty Car Syndrome

I had a full day at the office today. It was pretty good spending time with the crew I work with. I often work remotely so it was good to be in the studio. A good bit of banter, good to bounce ideas off each other and cross check things face to face. We have a photo shoot at the office tomorrow (at the time I write this, or speak this). So that should be fun. I think we’re planning on bringing in some props to reflect our personalities. That’s the idea anyway!

There isn’t much parking around where we have our office, so I always have to street park. It’s normally fine, though. I always manage to find somewhere. Today I ended up parking under a tree so when I got back to the car it was covered in tree sap, seedlings, and whatnot, so I had to give the windscreen a good wash off with the wipers and windscreen wash. Mundane I know, but it hit me that I sometimes feel a bit like that after a day’s work. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way. But after a long day’s work, you get a build up on the outside, you just feel a bit like loads of “stuff” from the day has stuck to you and you feel the need to shake it off, wash it off mentally.

Ever feel like a dirty car collecting filth all day?

That’s a benefit of having a car drive home from the office I suppose. It gives you a chance to decompress, shake things off. It’s a bit more difficult if you work from home, which I often do. That separation is important. I’d be interested to know how you feel. Do you feel the same way? Do you feel like a day at the office bogs you down and you need to shake it off afterward, or is it the opposite? Do you want more, so you don’t want to leave the office? Maybe that’s a stupid question. We’ll see. If I get some stupid answers, I’ll know!

It’s funny seeing the different mentality of drivers at rush hour compared to the rest of the day. Everyone seems frantic, wanting to get home. Fridays are the worst. Everybody is frantic, uptime, wanting everyone else to get out of their way. I try and just take things easy if I can. I can do without the stress. I suppose that circles back to how the day of work has affected you. People just want to get out, and it’s a way of releasing the stress from the day. But, you know, everyone can affect other people. We need to remember that our actions can affect other people… without getting too philosophical.

The Dreaded ‘M’ Word

At the risk of getting a little bit philosophical, I’ll end on a point for pondering. The topic of money.

Now, everything seems to revolve around money. Are the good things in life just the things we can separate from money? Can we have a quality of life and enjoyment within the things that are directly related to money, such as work? And are there things which are completely disconnected from money, or is it into everything? I shall ponder a bit more on that for another time.

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