Strangers Waving, Vegan Graffiti, and Free Coffee

I was driving out of the supermarket with my family and we were just going over a little roundabout, and a couple of girls, probably in their mid-twenties, were crossing the road just past the roundabout. And as they passed, one of them started waving at the car with her phone. She was looking… well, she seemed like she hadn’t mistaken us for someone else but we didn’t know her or her friend so I wondered if…

Well, the first thing that goes through my mind with something like that is, “oh, mistaken identity?” Failing that, “oh are they just having a laugh?” Failing that, seeing the phone in her hand, “is it Pokemon related? or is it snapchat related? or is there some new hashtag trend that involves waving at strangers?”

Anyway, it was a nice wave and she was smiling, so I can’t complain. Just a little bit weird. Something a little different. As it happens, my wife didn’t see them waving at all. She was busy looking at graffiti on the wall that we were passing that was promoting veganism. So… that was that. Not much else to report.

Reflect on the positive. There are lots of things that are positive.

We had dropped into the supermarket for a coffee as a family. We go to a certain supermarket where if you have a card, you get free coffee. One free coffee every day, which is amazing. When I went in, I didn’t actually feel like a coffee. So I ended up getting one on the way out. I couldn’t not get a free coffee, obviously!

I spent probably twenty minutes just ranting about things to my dear wife who is a very good listener. And its good to get things off your chest. Its been a while. Mainly work related. Sometimes it has to be done. That’s what your partner, your wife, your husband is there for: to support each other when things like that go on and you need to talk about stuff. So I feel a bit better after that.

Things could always be worse, even though that’s an incredibly trite saying. But its true. Reflect on the positive. There are lots of things that are positive. I’m looking forward to going back to lecturing at the university in the new academic year, to teaching in the computing department, hopefully (if they give me a new contract). And there are some interesting web projects on the go at the moment.

And my writing, that keeps me going. Whenever I neglect my writing I start to feel rubbish, so it’s good for me. And that’s why I’m writing this now. Just want to try and keep it going.

my writing, that keeps me going

I read an article on medium recently about keeping on writing. Writing daily if you can, posting daily, which is a bit overkill in my opinion, but, you know, if you can spend the time… the exercise of writing, getting the words out is a good exercise and it’s really healthy. So I’m going to keep on trying to do that as best as I can.

Transcribed from the audio — 20/8/2016

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