New Eyes

Have you ever noticed something that had been there for the longest time and for the first time ever you are seeing it in a new light? For some reason you are able to formulate new ideas and thoughts about that situation or object. A sudden burst of creativity. A newly found appreciation for the old. I believe that life itself must contain more of these precarious moments. Living vicariously through others has never benefitted anybody other than the those actually doing the living. Living is moving. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Stagnancy inhibits creativity and drowns originality. Being stagnant is to be old. Dullness is born and made an expectation. For if you expect nothing but doldrum then you will never receive more.

Everyone should escape their present lives from time to time. This forces us, upon return to our typical routine, to re-examine the mundane through new eyes. This re-examination improves our lives and makes us wonder how we lived the way before. Routine kills creativity. The known fact that neurologically your thoughts and synapses do not benefit from repetitive firing- that new thoughts and experiences triggers new synapses. Recreates neural impulses that did not exist. Pleasure is generated from the unfounded and new. Art is pleasing to those who are able to be open-minded.

Challenge yourself. Get out of your world, your comfort zone. Go do something you’ve never done before. It does not have to be jumping out of a plane. It could be as simple as going to that farmer’s market you’ve heard of and never experienced. For out of new experiences is when we enrich our lives. Life is beautiful, but not if you do not give it a chance. Fight for your right to be free. Freedom is not doing the same thing over and over. That is the chains of routine. Travel. Go to places you’ve never heard of and can barely pronounce. Treat yourself to more than you have in the past. Look at the world through new eyes.