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Street Style To OOTDs

Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2019

Street style is the best form of self-expression in the fashion world. It’s the first place to study if people are following a certain trend or not. Analysing street style also tells us how people follow a specific trend, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. So, stay tuned as Ido all of that and bring the best of the streets for you.

We, the ’90s kids (who are far from kids now) had our fill of the flared jeans in our childhood and honestly, I thought we got over them already. But it seems the fashion cycle has brought us back to it with the comeback of the ’70s on the runways and streets. For starters, you have to amp up your style to complement the modern-day flare affair. Head to Toe retro won’t work.

One of the major reasons for the crazy following of this trend is that these flared ones are one of the ‘fit for all body types’ silhouettes. If you have wider hips, a flared pair will give your body a balance with the bell-shaped hems and further bring the focus to the hems, making your legs look longer. And it makes your body appear curvy if you have a slightly boyish or straight body type. You can rock a pair of flared jeans in so many ways and work it up to suit so many occasions. Pair them with an elegant blouse for work and dress it up for a night out, or just go with its boho-vibes for a casual day out. Now, to help you nail your flared jeans outfit, here are some styling ideas that I saw many of the street style stars swearing by.

Structured Jacket

Wear your flared pair with a long and boxy blazer jacket over a staple t-shirt or crop top. Go for minimal accessories and bags. Add heels that get concealed under the flare. Going for pointy or almond toes will make your style line more fluid, giving you the mile-long legs. This look will also make you leaner as the jacket covers your thighs and hips.

Olivia Palermo during her collection launch

You can also add a belt or even a chic belt bag to the blazer to cinch your waist for the added girl boss vibes.

She’s in control!

Play with The Volume

Go overboard with the fluidity of the flares enhancing it with a three-quarter trench coat. You can also experiment with different fabrics for the coat if you wish. A PVC jacket will get you that grunge look

Having fun with the flares

while you can go for suede or others for a more polished look. This one will make you look leaner too.

A perfect balance of work and play

Cosy Sweaters

For the lazy winter mornings when you don’t want to put a lot of thought into getting ready, grab a slouchy oversized one would go wear it as it is. For a cropped pair of flared jeans, add snakeskin boots or sandals and show some love to the animal prints, everybody is crazy about. Or wear your go-to sneakers and a pretty backpack for a perky holiday look.

Selena Gomez was already there in 2015.

Or if you’re heading to work, layer a white shirt underneath it’ll also keep you warmer. Add a hint of colour and luxury with a faux leather chain sling. Keep your heels high so you don’t appear short and drowning in that sweater.

Ready to take over the world

If you choose a snug sweater over a shirt like Victoria Beckham, take this look to another level with a chunky grunge style belt and leather boots.

Own that look like Victoria Beckham

Got a fun day out with your girls? Go for a cropped sweater for a relaxed weekend look and show off your gym body. Add a chic sling and you are all set for the day. You can also throw a trench over for a terrace party or a casual lunch.

Flaunt that perfect midrib

Easy Day-to-night Outfits

Have a date after work? Take your Favourite dark coloured flared pair and style it with a floral blouse tucked in and throw a black leather jacket over it. Boost your look with a sling bag. And date nights call for heels so go for them.

You can never go wrong with the florals

If you want something sexier you have to go for a lacy camisole top. A silk or satin one will make you look flawless. And a pair of barely-there sandals or pumps that fits just right with the hem.

Red pumps add just the right pop of colour

The Perfect Formula for Layering

Layering a camisole top over a t-shirt or sweater is always a good idea to add interest to your plain outfits. These could be the sequin ones, the lacy bralette style, or the silk ones.

Add a little shimmer to your life

Layering t-shirt with a lingerie-inspired camisole top works for most of the bottoms. It is a safe way to give your look some boldness. Wear a cardigan over if it is chilly outside.

Putting a cardigan or jacket halfway is a thing

For an outfit that you can wear to work, layer a lace top over a plain shirt to give it a fancy upgrade. Wear them with a dark coloured flared pair as it looks closer to a trouser. Since the neckline is already balanced go for statement earrings and carry a mini bag, and you’ll be good to go.

Mini bags are a hit!

Animal Prints Please

Add this notorious trend into your wardrobe because this one has been going on for a long time now and has reached the peak this season. Wear a black top with your go-to flares and throw a long leopard jacket. A pair of black ankle boots and a skinny scarf will pull the look together.

The scarf gets it going!

The Double Denim Magic

Denim on denim has always been one of the classics and it gets the perfect retro-vibe when it’s a pair of flared jeans. Go for a Tone on tone look with your chambray shirt and flares or keep the colour of the jeans darker.

Denim all the way

Going for a white pair of flared jeans instead of blue with the shirt will make the look appear crisp and more put together. Add shades, a black bag and chunky platform heels to complete the look like Katie Holmes here.

White makes it more polished

Instead of wearing a chambray shirt, you can also go for a denim jacket worn over a bright-coloured spaghetti top or a t-shirt for an added interest. Gigi Hadid taught us how to do double denim like a pro by matching the colour of the ankle boot to the spaghetti.

Strong denim game Gigi

The Classic Tee

We all know about the classic laid-back look that is a total no brainer. A well-fitted tee will look perfect tucked into your go-to flared pair. Add some jewellery, a sling bag, and chunky heels for a chic look for hanging out with your girls all day.

They are classic for a reason

If you want to flaunt an easy grunge look, go for muscle tees and opt for a pair of flared jeans ripped on the knees. And you can add that beachy wave hair to add to that look. keep it relaxed with sneakers or go all-in with boots.

Show some muscle

Wear a t-shirt and knot it in the front. Pair that with a ripped pair of flares and add leather boots. Accessorise with round metal frame glasses and a classic bowknot headband. This gets you the complete vintage look from the ’70s.

Put on your ripped Flares

Or get weekend ready with a vintage rocker tee paired with your flared jeans and layer it with a black blazer. Just add platform heels and you’re all set. If you want to go for a cropped pair of flared jeans, add leather ankle boots to this look.

Rock made swanky

Spaghetti Please

This is a rather simple outfit idea is to just tuck in a spaghetti top into your flares. Add jewellery pieces like hoop earrings, layered neckpieces or charm bracelets to make it ultra chic and put together. Wear some barely there sandals with the perfect heels.

Easy and Breezy!

Layer the spaghetti tops with jackets or cardigans if it seems too much or you are just heading to work. Cardigans worn halfway will make this outfit super cosy and bohemian, just add a hat!

Cosy boho vibes

Just Put On The White Shirt!

A white shirt and blue jeans have always been the perfect fail-proof look. Replacing your regular straight or skinny jeans with the flared ones will give you a sophisticated chic look. An embellished shirt will get you through a fancy dinner too. Keep the accessories as chic as the shirt.

Casual transforms to chic

For a laid back look, go for a pair of light-washed flared jeans and a casual white shirt halfway tucked in. A hat, sunglasses and that tan bag made the look perfect for a sunny day.

Out in the sun

Pair a vintage-wash flared pair of jeans with a structured oversized button-down. This will give you a balanced-out silhouette. Accessorize with simple jewellery, a handbag, and a pair of chunky heels will give you a street-ready outfit.

Keep it casual

Moto Jackets

By now we know a light-washed flared jeans and a graphic tee work together very well, but throw a moto jacket over this and give this look an edge. Complete this look with strappy sandals or a pair of combat boots.

Stockholm Street style

You can add a pop of colour to this outfit to make it more fun. Just keep everything simple and add a coloured leather jacket. Or to add some swank to your look, replace the t-shirt with a spaghetti top. Wearing a leather choker necklace with this look will complement the neckline best.

The yellow colour bomb

The Comeback Of Plaid

The street style this year was so taken over by plaid. People are obsessed with plaid again. If you are ready to get all British with a plaid jacket and a beret worn with flared jeans. Get an elegant sling and heels to go with it.

Plaid in monochrome magic

Another street inspired way to go for the plaid wave is to keep it all relaxed and casual.

Plaid Casual

Boho Head to Toe

Pair a loose fit bohemian blouse with your flares for a casual bohemian look. complete this look with a cute hat and nude or brown coloured strappy sandals.

Bohemian Getaway

The flared sleeves of the blouse complement the jeans like nothing else. The light-washed flared jeans are the best choice for going all boho.

Looks like flares were made for this

Fur With Flares

Don’t want to sacrifice style to stay warm? Go for faux fur jackets to keep yourself warm on wintery days. Pair it with a dark-washed flared pair and an elegant bag.

Say yes to Faux Fur

Hippie With Flared Jeans

A loose fit top or shirt with a relaxed look and a front knot will look so hippie with a pair of flared jeans. The hippie fashion specifically had bell-bottom jeans but you can replace that with a flared pair only there should be a big flare.

Get some flower power

The Flared Overalls

The flared overall just looks so much more stylish and chic than the normal ones. pair it with a beautiful blouse, maybe even in silk. they just uplift the whole vibe of the denim overalls.

The not so casual overalls

You can add colour to your outfit and ditch the cold at the same time. Just pair the flared overall with a bright coloured pullover or turtleneck. Go for yellow or orange as they pair with blue well. For footwear, choose black leather boots.

Yellow is fun

Scarves: Parisian Flair

Scarves are just a quick and easy way to give your look style lift and get that Parisian chic. Skinny neck scarves are such a huge must-have. You can tie one on your neck, the strap of your handbags or use it as a belt if you wish. Moreover, a scoop or a plunging V neckline calls for these scarves when worn with flared jeans.

Emma is killing it
Add a colour pop with that scarf

Stripped t-shirts have a different level of compatibility with flared jeans. The scarves just add the right amount of colour to these outfits.

Go Strips

Add a long jacket and a metal chain sling bag to this outfit for a more polished look.

Parisian chic

Coloured Flares

If you want to experiment and not stay stuck to a basic pair of flared jeans, you can go for flares in all the crazy colours.

Go for a red one for a bold statement outfit.

Red hot

Or how about this buttercup colour?

or one in pastel pink?

Don’t be afraid to incorporate colours to your winter too because that will be a huge thing this winter.

One very important thing to keep in mind while going for a pair of flared jeans is the length of the jeans. If you will wear it with heels, keep the height such that its hem just conceals the heels and only the tip of your footwear is visible. When you go for flats, you need the height of the jeans accordingly or else a longer hem will slack and you can trip because of it. Get a tailor to fit it for you to the perfect length. Besides the cropped jeans go perfectly well with heels and flats.

I will back with another trend that will be all over this season and how you can nail it with easy styling tips. Until then, stay stylish and keep expressing yourself.




All things combined from the team at Staqu.

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