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The fact that you are still breathing, the fact that you can read this article and the fact that you are still able to think and live means that you can do and not just do but do more than you did yesterday.

Over the last few months, I’ve been very busy with building my tech startup company which we (My wife and I) founded in 2019. It has been a tedious task building and making connections with the right people, getting the funding we need to roll out some small scale projects alongside a plethora of ‘things’ that just needed to get done. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience even as difficult as it has been bearing in mind that starting in the middle of a global pandemic is not usually a fantastic thing to do.

But, we press on. I was struck by a curious thought this week. We know that the only thing that’s constant in life is change. It's pretty much one of the only things that are guaranteed in life, along with TAXES. So My thoughts about the current place we are in as a global community are why so many businesses have not seized the opportunity to innovate and adapt to the “New Normal”.

I heard an exciting story this week of a new startup pub in Nottingham, England whose owner was interviewed by the BBC. And He excitedly said, “We are not worried about the current situation because we are starting as a business adapted to present times”. How amazing, I thought to myself. There are so many businesses who, rightly so, are looking to the government for aid as the old revenue streams dry up due to local and national lockdowns and restrictions. At the same time, I am reading about new startups who are not just starting right now but are hitting the revenue targets with ease. I heard of a pizza shop who have adapted their ovens to make plastic masks and have now become a supplier to the NHS and inadvertently started a new business so that after the pandemic passes, they will have 2 solid revenue streams.

So what is really going on?

Its quite simple, times like this call for unconventional thinking, the so-called “thinking outside the box”. As an entrepreneur, I am never short of new business ideas, and I am not alone in this regard. I’ve found that those who will benefit the most from the pandemic and not just businesses that manage to scrape through but more so entrepreneurs, business owners and businesses that embrace the opportunity to innovate—people who are willing to become risk-takers once again and step out into the unknown.

That brings me to you.

How much time have you spent planning out what your future is going to look like in light of our “new normal”? How much time have you spent reviewing your skills, your abilities and the opportunities out there? What steps are you taking now to not only survive but to thrive into the post-COVID age?

There is more out there; great opportunities are knocking for anyone willing to listen and “Carpe that Diem”. As long as you have ‘life in your body, you owe it to yourself to get out there and take advantage of your new future.

10 years from today, when we celebrate the successes of those who made it through to the other side, will you be sat in the rafters applauding them or will you be one of US, stood on the podiums?



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Samuel Odekunle

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