Finding Perfection in Self vs Others

Perfection — the epitome for best, refined and most coveted. We all want it.

But more than often we try to seek it in others. We want the perfect spouse, friend, mentor and so on.

Next time, this thought creeps in your mind, take a moment to think.

“Am I having the same quality which I desire in someone else”

“Have I behaved in the same perfect way when the situation arises”

Turn that mirror inside yourself. Start the search within yourself as the first step.

Yes I know the adage that as humans we have flaws and cannot be perfect. But let that not put a limit on ourselves. And more importantly, put a judgement or expectation of limitation on others.

Think of ways to improvise yourself. We all are work in progress. Strive to make yourself even better than what you are today.

Don’t let others’ opinion or judgment stop you. And in same way, don’t make opinion on others. You have not lived their life and they have not lived yours.

Instead of looking for perfection in some one else, make it a motto of your life to be a living example of it. Read inspirational books, talk to people who motivate you to correct direction, watch educational videos.

We are blessed to live in a technology era where you just need to have to desire of what you would like to learn. And it is available on internet.

Make that desire of perfection to improve yourself instead of trying to find in others.