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We are proud to announce our partnership with Spotify, bringing lyrics anywhere, on any device.

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This has been our mantra at Musixmatch for over 12 years.
Since we envisioned Musixmatch we’ve firmly believed that lyrics are an essential part of any song, on par if not even more important than its instruments, beat rate, genre, or rhythm.

"When you’re happy, you enjoy the music but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics."
Frank Ocean

This is the UI of music

Today music is consumed through a device that is smart, connected, and has a screen, and I bet it might be the same device you are using to read this post right now.

Whether you listen to the music on your phone, on your TV, or on your connected home devices, the experience of music is more and more visual, interactive and lyrics have become its User Interface: from searching for a song, to FWD or RWD a track (this is only if you’re born in 70–80 LOL), or sharing a classic quote with your friends.

What’s the song that goes… “know that I can’t find”?

Just think about how many times you forgot the name of a song and all you could remember was just the chorus… sounds familiar? Thanks to the integration of the Musixmatch lyrics database with the immense Spotify catalog you can just type the lyrics in the search bar and you’re all set, or you can just use a voice command while driving your car to bring up that song that you can’t stop thinking about.

Lyrics are why we fall in love with a song ❤️

The love that people have for lyrics goes beyond their functional aspect. Since time-synchronized lyrics have become an integral part of the now-playing experience, people around the world are listening to the music while reading the lyrics. True fans crave to get closer to their favorite artists, and reading their lyrics over and over is how they learn their language.

Just let the music play, watch the lyrics go by in sync with the music, and connect with your favorite songs at a much deeper emotional level. This is the enhancement of the music experience.

Globally on Spotify 🌎

Spotify users love lyrics, too. For the last 5 years, we have worked together non-stop to find the right and sustainable way for Music Publishers, songwriters, and our Company to get lyrics back on Spotify, globally.

Starting today, all users across the world can finally enjoy synchronized lyrics on the Spotify mobile and desktop applications, and even on your TV.

We love the banner ad from the Spotify campaign: Get fluent with your favorite artist

We have been listening to users around the world, people who deeply love music and who never stopped providing feedback around the one, most requested feature: to get lyrics back on Spotify, on every device (not yet in your car, for that you’ll have to wait for self-driving LOL). Spotify takes feedback to heart, and so do we. That's why we have worked together to provide you with a first-class lyrics experience. And we are just getting started 😉

Today is such an important day for music, for music fans, for every songwriter and artist around the world and their representatives, but above all for YOU. Lyrics are globally back on Spotify, anywhere, in any language.

This is for YOU.

Come and join our platform!

  • If you are a songwriter or an artist, you can distribute your lyrics on Spotify today by getting verified on Musixmatch Pro. You will get control of your music catalog and your professional profile.
    Musixmatch Pro is the one-stop shop for all music creators, which allows you to distribute your lyrics on every platform, including Apple Music, Instagram, Google, and more. Joining is free and it will give you early access to our upcoming new exciting features, like music credits and rights management.
  • If you are a publisher, you can already partner with us to distribute your lyrics worldwide and collect royalties.
  • And if you are a music lover, download the Musixmatch app and learn how you can contribute to our lyrics catalog. It will give you a chance to join our team of Curators, which helps ensure that all lyrics on every part of the globe meet our high standards.