What Does It Mean To Be A Muslim Woman In The Modern World?
Fariha Róisín

I am the only son of two sisters. I am a researcher in the biggest public funded institution in Indonesia. I am a father survives with wife, two kids and eight dogs. 
My oldest sister is the manager at international telecommunication provider and my little sister is a diplomat. They don’t use hijab. My wife uses hijab. 
My wife is a general practioner that have to give service to man, woman, kids and senior people. 
My mother share a story that being a woman in the developing country, like my country, should has strong bargain against her opposite sex. So women should have job. And she mean the real job. 
The first day after completed her law degree, my sister tried to cleaning up the house and my mother went mad. She asked her to go find a job. She said to me that it is ok for her to cleaning up the house when she was still a college student. But when completed her education and begin to enjoy working at home, so she will end up in the house. 
My late father was the government official. So, money actually was not a problem. However, she start her career as the life insurance marketing agent. And my mother was happy with this. 
I believe woman should have better position in the family, in the country and in the world. I am happy to study case of Theresa Mae and Hillary Clinton. Again, as my mother said, if you treat your sister good, your environment will treat you better. If you put woman in noble position you will have a noble life. 
My mother used to recite Qur’an after Magrib to Isya with her old vestibular syndrome dog on her lap. I asked her whether God accept the pray with that impurity dog on her lap. She said, God don’t think like human. 
She share some Asma ul Husna (99 names of Allah). She advise my sisters to always do dzikr in whatever you do. Dizikr is the best companion at work beside shalat. And dzikr could be done at any time. Don’t you worry about the picture of hell or heaven. Shalat and dzikir will guide you to decide the best thing for you on the earth and in other side of this earth.

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