DNC Debate Debacle

The DNC, mainstream media, and the campaign of Hillary Clinton are acting in obvious accordance of each other’s needs. There is an active movement with in the wealthy elites to undermine our democracy and attempt to stifle debate on what is most important to the average United States’ citizens. Bernie Sanders is having his voice literally drowned out by a concerted effort by the previously aforementioned parties. Let’s begin with the biggest travesty -in my opinion- currently, the lack of more debates and their timing.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on only having 6 debates:

“These six debates will not only give caucus goers and primary voters ample opportunity to hear from our candidates about their vision for our country’s future, they will highlight the clear contrast between the values of the Democratic Party which is focused on strengthening the middle class versus Republicans who want to pursue out of touch and out of date policies”

Yet in 2007–2008’s Primary season, Obama and Hillary engaged in a whopping 26 debates. There is overwhelming support for Bernie Sanders and yet apparently the DNC does not find it suitable to discuss the issues this Primary cycle as much as they did in 2008. And to add insult to injury the first televised debate is on FOX and has been postponed now until October when New York’s state Primary deadline for registering hasn’t even been formally announced and generally is held in October. This is what criminal-collusion to subvert our democracy looks like.

Just look at many of the following images and sources showing how much support there is for Bernie Sanders while the DNC denies more debates and the mainstream media continues to ignore him:

This Primary debate manipulation isn’t exclusive to just one side of the isle either. Just look at the enormous Republican 2016 Presidential candidate field that has been split in to two, one group who didn’t poll so well is being relegated to the kiddie-pool of GOP Presidential hopefuls while the other is getting given primetime mainstream media coverage. This is going to directly influence the entire way we conduct our elections, in fact it already has given Chris Christy directly spending more on FOX advertising, it ‘paying off’ for him, and him ‘squeaking’ into the Republican ‘primetime’ debate. It literally proved the point that ‘money talks’ -even in our politics and at the expense of the integrity of our democracy.

The Debbie Wasserman-Schultz debacle goes even deeper when you look further into the politics surrounding her decision-making on the debates. The DNC has been eye-balling getting an empty Senate seat of Marco Rubio’s he seems quite feasibly prepared to vacate. She has since denied wanting to make a run for the seat but it still shows the laying of the foundation of future cronyism within our government. You can expect if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination she will directly be campaigning heavily for Debbie when that seat becomes vacant — or any other potential Centrist Democrat. And even Martin O’Malley, another 2016 Democratic Presidential hopeful, has spoken out about the silencing of candidates via limitations on debates.

How do the DNC, mainstream media, and many citizens in general continue to ignore this massive movement and expect there to be zero backlash from the people? They’re conducting media blackouts, avoiding public speaking opportunities, and denying more debates than they are obligated to have -causing a dissconect with the public being ‘informed’- while pushing them (the debates) back as far as possible to deny Democrats, Independents, and even many Republicans the chance to switch political affiliation to vote for a different candidate. How is it a democracy when money is dictating how even our Primaries are now being conducted?

After viewing the debate schedule and then observing when the Primary Registration dates are to be held (New York state’s is still up in the air currently) you clearly see a pattern that allows little time to switch party affiliation AND get informed on the issues — it allows almost no time for information dissemination to take place amongst the public.

  • October 13 — Debate 1
  • November 14 — Debate 2
  • December 19 — Debate 3
  • January 17 — Debate 4
  • February or March — Debate 5
  • February or March — Debate 6

When you combine the lack of mainstream media coverage, Bernie Sanders’ climbing in the polls, huge rally turnout numbers, MSNBC’s purging of more radical progressive journalists, and Hillary’s already ‘hermit-like’ aversion to free-flowing, town hall style, ‘on-the-fly’ question taking; it becomes more than mere coincidence of actively trying to manipulate Americans -through heavy investment in mainstream media and the assistance of the DNC in limiting the debates — and becomes a breeding ground rife with corrupt crony capitalism, corporate nepotism, and continues the slide down our slippery-slope to fascism.

Contact the DNC and demand more debates:


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