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DUST Moves to Polygon Ecosystem

Mutant Monsters — the original source of Distant Universe Stardust Token a.k.a. DUST Token — are legacy NFTs, the most original Mutants on NFT metaverse.

Because of the high GAS fees in Ethereum mainnet, all DUST rewards and bonuses that Mutants generate are moved to Polygon, according to the roadmap announced earlier.

This means the following:

  1. DUST will be officially part of Polygon Ecosystem.
  2. DUST trading on Ethereum Mainnet is not incentivized any longer. Some DUST is still available on Uniswap v2 and Balancer, but the main CEX listing (Resfinex) was discontinued because the exchange did not support Polygon deposits and withdrawals.
  1. The original token is still in the Mainnet, and it is PoS-mapped to Polygon L2. The Polygon DUST equals Mainnet DUST, and it can be moved accross chains using Polygon Bridge. In fact, DUST was one of the top 10 original Ethereum tokens mapped to Polygon!
  2. DUST will be paired with WMATIC, USDC, and SWAM in QuickSwap and Dfyn, to start with.
  3. Mutant Monsters generate DUST on daily basis, and it can be redeemed from

Find more info in the Discord group.




Mutants on Blockchain

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