Be Real.

“When somebody says something bad about you, it is not only just the lens that they are looking through, and it is not only the person what you’ve allowed them to see, but it is literally just .00001% of the actual population of what one person thinks about a distorted version of you. At the end of the day, it is so statistically insignificant, that the only choice is to move forward. The reason why it’s sticks is because we, as humans, suffers the negativity bias, that allows us to only hold onto the negative things that people say in our lives (without discipline). This then becomes a narrative. That is why we are always saying to ‘change the narrative’ which is difficult but not impossible. Once we are free of that, we can then be anybody that we want to be, and do anything that we want to do, without any barriers. Once we truly internalize this thought, and then also realize that because of this invisible audience, where we feel everyone is thinking about how we appear, that nobody is thinking about us, and we can truly be set free. It really is all about coming back to oneself. Spirituality is connecting with our (S)spirit. To keep creating like the Creator of the image we are made in, so that you feel connected to the source to no longer ‘lack’.”