Meet Kobe Bryant, the $100 million venture capitalist.

The tech industry is no stranger to venturing capital investments. In 2015 VC’s invested nearly $130 billion into roughly 8,000 techs focused startups. That’s an increase of nearly 44% over the previous year.

Cutting-edge advancements in computing abilities have been attained In light of the years of heavy investment into the tech arena. Wide scale innovations in artificial intelligence, information security, and machine learning have generated the vibrant intellectual property.

Just weeks into Q3 of 2016 Kobe joined forces with Jeff Stibel, a seasoned investor in the tech sector. Based in Los Angeles, the investment will operate under the name Bryant Stibel.

The two intend to invest $100 million into promising tech, media, and data companies, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Bryant Stibel currently is invested in The Players Tribune, Scopely, LegalZoom, RingDNA, and Juicero. Their venture investments are slated to go on for several years.

Originally published at Muve Mag.