Purpl to go on hiatus

On Wednesday, June, 22nd Momo Information Technologies Corp announced that they will cease operations on their social advisor app Purpl. Purpl has been described as the “Real Answers from Real People” App.

Purpl, steam rolled it’s way into app stores only four months ago, but in that time it claimed a coveted spot among the top 100 apps in the app store. The app posed as a conduit to connect people with sound advice from vetted advisors. Advisors would offer their input to interested individuals on a pay per hour basis through scheduled sessions. Think Qoura but with live instant feedback.

The press release highlighting the final curtain call on this informed community app, left much to be desired. The email read as follows:

“We released Purpl only four months ago as a way for people to have meaningful connections in the age of technology. And we have been so thrilled to watch our dream come true. These months have felt much longer and have had a major impact on the lives of everyone in Team Purpl. And so it is with a very heavy heart that we will be phasing out the operations on Purpl indefinitely. We very much hope to continue this journey with you all in the future, but for now we have to say goodbye.”

The news comes as a surprise to many Purpl users. According Bloomberg, Momo Inc. reported a total revenue of over $50 million USD in the first quarter compared to $26 million USD a year ago.

We can only suspect that the China based company closed the book on Purpl in order to hone in on Momo, their flagship social media app with over 180 million users. At the moment Momo is only available in China’s native language. It’s not very likely that an US focused English version will sail onto our shores any time soon.

Originally published at Muve Mag.

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