Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice — One of the comic book movies’ masterpiece

After Man Of Steel, Director Zack Snyder came back to DCEU (DC Extended Universe) to make a film that placed two icons(Batman and Superman) of comic books together. A movie that will place two of Earth’s mightiest heroes opposite each other, heroes that shaped the childhood of most of my generation in a single live action movie, something that had never happened before and for sure it was going to be super hyped, considering the legacy, the popularity of these characters, what they stood for, how they made us see the good part in ourselves.

While the trailers received a grand welcome, the movie didn’t in theatres, with the critics describing the movie as slow and dark and not funny. The audiences meanwhile shared mixed reviews. Well I’m of the view that BVS was one of the misunderstood masterpieces of 2016. The movie starts with the opening scene of the Battle of Metropolis where Bruce Wayne was present and how he realises while people who claim Superman as a hero actually caused so much destruction in an attempt to save the planet from an extraterrestrial threat of General Zod, making it the main basis of what was to come in BVS.

Moving on to the opening credits scene, which showed the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents still remains one of the best directed scenes along-with the Rorschach death scene in The Watchmen. The music by Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer that felt so right to the heart during that scene giving it an emotional touch, that I’m sure many people felt. A partnership that people hoped they would see in Justice League but that’s for some other time.

Superman who for all is a symbol of hope just as the symbol he wears on his suit, He represents the classic ideas of hope,justice and morality of all people and believes it’s his responsibility to defend the defenseless, to protect the people irrespective of their nationality.

The Frank Miller’s version of Batman is more grumpy, who’s lost faith in humanity and trusts no-one and believes in severe i.e.morally dubious punishment for the criminals, he is the darker and more violent version of Batman till date. His trust issues that leads to a misguided war between the world’s greatest superheroes.

While both represent the ideas that serve in the best interest of the innocent people, but somehow they fail to see the bigger picture and in-turn engage in a war which would have no winners, by the time they both realize the situation, that has gone out of hand and led to a birth of a monster which eventually required the sacrifice of Superman to stop it.

The Aftermath saw a world and Batman revived by the loss of Superman, giving everyone HOPE that men like him will stand up when needed, that “Men are Brave”, that people still care. The basic idea of Sacrifice and courage that Superman shows to protect the people irrespective of who they are, changes even those who doubted him.

Moving on to another most talked about character Lex Luthor, though many had doubts about Jesse Eisenberg playing the pantomime villain, though he received mixed reception from crowd, the character is weird, eccentric, brilliant which Jesse performed to perfection.

Director Zack Snyder being the directorial genius he is did not disappoint while placing the Easter Eggs in the movie from Darkseid’s logo and Robin’s costume to The Flash’s dream scene all leading to a vast and exciting future to this cinematic universe.

Batman V Superman was from a world totally different from The Dark Knight, while The Dark Knight being one of my most favorite movies of all time, if i were to give you a top 5 of the best movies The Dark Knight would certainly be in top 2, but the comic universe needed a movie like BVS, a movie that would show a darker, more grumpier Batman, who’s lost hope in humanity, the broken person that Bruce Wayne/Batman already is along-with the extra grumpiness and how a sacrifice from the world’s greatest superhero makes him realize that world is not all dark and bad even if it seems like it and that people are still good and ready to sacrifice for what’s good and right. BVS showcased both the Dark side of Batman and how he steps into light and goes on a mission to bring people with special abilities together in a hope to not fail Superman in his death, all this for a build up to one of the most iconic superhero team-up , all of this written and directed in the most brilliant way possible.

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice as some and even I believe to be well ahead of it’s time. Zack Snyder did an absolutely fantastic job directing scenes like the opening credits, the Batman-Superman Fight Scene, the death of Superman, the desert dream scene, The Flash scene, which were all the highlight of the directorial masterpiece this movie is.