Meet Elodie: Muxu.Muxu Office Manager Extraordinaire

Elodie, the new Muxu.Muxu office manager, joined the team in August. Learn more about how she keeps the office humming, her life before stepping into the Muxu.Muxu house and what she gets into when she isn’t at work.

What does an office manager do?
It’s a very multi-skilled job. It’s tough to give a true definition of the job because you do a lot of tasks every day. But basically, you have to deal with day-to-day accountancy like treasury, expenses reports, always looking for invoices everywhere. And dealing with our invoices for our clients too, additional reminders or sometimes quotes before the invoices.
You also have to deal with human resources like making sure everyone gets meal tickets, planning the onboarding for new-hires, verifying contracts and handling the team’s days off. You also plan events for the team or for clients.
And take care of everything related to the Muxu house. Meaning asset management, making sure everyone is feeling good and has everything they need to have.

What are the challenges of being an office manager?
Staying focused. You’re doing a lot of things and you might have to stop and start something else because you have to be highly responsive with clients and with the Muxu team, too. So, you have to be quite rigorous, but not too strict because you have to keep it fun — Even when you’re looking for invoices!

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I can do anything I want because I can create my own tasks and work on projects I’m interested in. I have a lot freedom to define my own job, even with the processes behind accountancy, invoices, etc.
I like organizing events. I do it in my personal life, but it’s new for me to do it in a professional environment. And everything human resources related is very interesting for me.

Are you the friend that all of your friends depend on to plan parties and organize events?
Exactly, I organize parties a lot and even travel with friends, it’s always me who is organizing everything. The trip I’m planning right now is a trip to the U.S. to road trip from LA to San Francisco. So, it was a lot of organization, but it was quite fun. And now the fun is going to be real!
I’m going to start with the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been in that part of the U.S. I visited New York last year, but everything will be new for me on this trip. So, I’m very excited about it.

What’s your top travel tip?
Stay organized.

How do you stay organized? Do you use an Excel Sheet or a Word doc?
Both of them. Big Excel sheet with budgets and a Word document with a road book, every day what we do and where we go. I don’t do this for all my trips, but this one is quite particular, so I did a lot of research.

What did you do before you came to Muxu.Muxu?
I was in a totally different environment. I was working in professional training. I was meeting with people in medical welfare establishments to give them advice on how to train their employees. It was quite interesting because I met many different kinds of people and people who care about people. It was very nice.

What do you love about Muxu.Muxu?
I was at my last job for six years. I loved it, but I was looking for a new adventure and new challenges in my life. Being quite geeky, I knew Muxu would be a challenge for me. As soon as I read the job offer, I was already convinced it would be a fun adventure for me with very cool people. What’s really different here is that everybody is so positive and the mood is really good here. It’s quite in enjoyable to work in this environment.

Bring your lunch or eat out?
Mostly, I bring my lunch. I’m trying to stay a bit healthy. But every Friday, we have a Friday lunch. The company buys everyone lunch, so I look for new restaurants, so people don’t get tired eating the same thing.

What makes you geeky?
I like playing video games (but not every day!). “Tomb Raider” is my favorite. Girly game. But I’m also into everything related to technology like smartphones and keeping up with what’s new and interesting.

What are you most talented at?
Organization. Not everyone is good at it or quickly becomes frustrated. So, it’s my talent. Besides, my singing is quite terrible!

Written by Minda Honey for Muxu.Muxu. ✨