Luc Chaissac
May 22, 2019 · 3 min read

TLDR: it’s the end

Okay…I’m already anticipating your surprise: you have clients, projects, good financial health and you’re stopping?

Yes, the Muxus are really proud to have collaborated with teams from: PayFit, Aircall, Spendesk, Côté Nature, Le Wagon, Luko, Welcome to The Jungle, Louis, Doist, Sqreen, Bidmotion, Walnut Algorithms, Kerala Ventures, Backtracks, Sodif, Wanted Community, Flatsy, Lattice, WeMaintain, Thinkmojo, Argolight, ReadMe, Inch…

After experiencing the thrill of creating and constructing Muxu.Muxu, I felt that we had reached the limits of the model we had created. A form of stagnation crept in, leaving little room for developing new ideas, but instead making way for repetition of the patterns we had trouble breaking. The project that I wish to lead cannot be realised within the framework of Muxu.Muxu.

Earlier this month I shared this feeling with the three other co-founders, as well as my wish to leave the organisation. Damien shared this point of view and had even anticipated his own departure. David and Audrey were asked about continuing without the Design service, but we quickly reached a conclusion: the definitive end of our organisation.

I could share the lessons I’ve drawn from the Muxu.Muxu adventure with you, but:

  • You already know them; they have already been shared about a thousand times in similar articles :wink: ;
  • It’s boring — nobody reads them :true_story: ;
  • People have given us lots of advice which we’ve absolutely not followed, but that’s no bad thing: start off by instinct! :wink_wink:

There is no greater lesson than that of trying and experimenting. You must live things with passion, and agree to stop when you no longer feel exhilarated. If there is no solution to offer, it may be better not to be part of the problem.

The good news: there is lots of talent available. Don’t hesitate to contact us via if you want to work with:

  • 🎨 Designers: Valentin (Illustration), Ben (Motion) and Thomas (Design);
  • 👾 Developers: Audrey;
  • 🎓 Chloé is looking for 6-month internship in Design for next year


  • David is joining our friends at Doist from the month of June;
  • Quentin is joining HelloAsso in June;
  • I will as always share my work at Lattice 🌈 (by the way amazing upcoming brand update in the following weeks ✨) and you might also get some news from Damien about that 👀

Bonus point

  • Damien, Elodie and I will be announcing our next project in the coming days. You can 👉 subscribe here 👈 for exclusive details 😬

Words are inadequate to capture this experience and to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the people who have helped us. I would like to repay you a hundredfold for your support in moments of joy and of doubt. Without you, nothing would have been possible: I don’t have any regrets and I would certainly do things the same way again.

It would be easy to continue and not ask questions, even to create a Muxu.Encore. However, out of respect for you, and for your trust, I am proud to soon be sharing with you our new adventures with Damien and Elodie. I couldn’t hope for a better team.

I am absolutely convinced that it’s finally time to accomplish our mission.

I am proud to have experienced Muxu.Muxu, it’s a landmark in my life that I will miss greatly.

It’s the end.

— Luc

Ps: The Muxu team is closing the latest projects and we might be able to shutdown by mid-june 📆

💚 Many thanks from the Muxu.Team, in no specific order:

Elodie, Valentin G, Max, Thomas G., Thomas D., Alexis, Quentin, Audrey, David, Pierre J., Chloé, Jimmy, Floriane, Damien, Ben, Biggie, Mathieu D., Thierry V., Emily F., Alice F., Gisèle, Jonathan, Laure A., Cathy, Christophe P., Jérémie L.G. , MyGreg, Maximilien, Julie B., Arnaud R., Pierre B., JB A., Julien Gabriel Charles Fresquet, Romain P., Gautier P. , Valentin G., Sylvain P., Alex K., Jared E., Gregory K., Ian S., P-Etienne F., Thibaut F. , Thomas T., Daniel, Jeremy B., Jonathan G., Sacha, Laure Pref, Pierre R., Elsa, Victor J., Carmel, Manou, Raph, Gala, Firmin, Margaux, Stephanie, Faustine, Lucas, Paul, Thomas, Hugo, Djordje, Edouard, Florent B., Jean Baptiste, John, Jeremy B., Vincent B., Byron, Pauline, Rémi S., Les Slitos


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