Our values guide every aspect of how we run Muxu.Muxu

Muxu.Muxu’s objective is to combine technology with creative talent, so as to develop products offering memorable and affordable experiences that can help people of all ages.

People’s happiness drives everything 💚

Technology is just a medium, not the end goal. Do what’s best for people.

Be transparent 👐🏾

Share information. Share mistakes. Share victories.

Ownership mentality ✨

Every member has the power to make our company better.

Don’t optimize for the short term 🔭

Short-term gains never justify long-term sacrifice. Invest in the future carefully.

Be positive 😊

Approach things in a proactive and optimistic way.

Democratize delight 🌎

Everybody deserves quality.

Muxu’s team members and friends 💚

Why we defined our values early on

Our values are mostly defined early through the beliefs, words, and actions of the team. We use these words to keep focus on, how we work, what we build, and who we hire.

Thank you for reading 💚

👋🏾 P.S. If you are a designer or Full-Stack web developer who cares about these values and who is looking to join a passionate and driven team, let us know!