Thank you 2017, hello 2018

2017 has marked the official launch of our creative studio Muxu.Muxu and what a year it has been.

In this article, we wanted to take the time to think about what we’ve done and thank everyone who supports us, friends, family, clients, pets… neighbours.

What happened this year? Actually, so many things. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s explore this past year together 🔭

  • Floriane and Valentin have joined the team to put their magic on admin and design tasks.
  • We welcomed Biggie, Damien’s dog (or son, he prefers to call him this way) as our Head of Pets 🐶.
  • We opened our new offices in Bordeaux.
  • We acquired Cactomain and made this lil’ video about it. And received Djordje from Belgrade to celebrate.
  • We made stickers: Bordeaux, Euskadi, Vegan.
  • We received 23 candidacies and took the time to answer to each person.
  • We organised a monthly Muxu.Pizza to gather and meet new people (and eat pizza).
  • We gathered with our friends and family during 3 retreats that took place in Landes 🌊, Dordogne 🌳 and Touraine 🏰.
  • We went to dotJS and dotCSS in Paris.
  • We helped students from ECV to prepare their final degree exam.
  • We took some time to meditate on isolation tanks.
  • We launched Hedwig, Cocotte and Koala.
  • We ate ∞ boxes of Le Petit Ecolier.
  • We went to San Francisco to meet some of our lovely clients and do team building.
  • We made 355K€.
  • We had 40 Muxu.Mood to share our concerns and wins.

What about client side 👨🏽‍🎨👩🏻‍💻

  • We worked on branding and marketing assets to grow one of the largest performance management businesses, Lattice.
  • We worked on PayFit’s new brand identity and website. With PayFit, managing your employees has never been easier.
  • We worked with ReadMe’s team, making documentation simpler, on design assets.
  • We helped Backtracks, a next-generation podcast analytics brand, on their marketing strategy and design, and built them a fresh new website.
  • We worked on branding and design for Slite, the note app for teams part of eFounders’ startup studio program and joining YC’s next batch.
  • We renewed Quorum’s brand identity and website. Quorum is the campaigning app for grassroots campaigns of the 21st century.
  • We worked on Reech’s design assets and website. Reech is an agency specialized in influence marketing.
  • We designed Wanted’s brand identity and built their website. Wanted is a Facebook community spread across different cities, both within France and abroad.
  • We worked on branding and digital improvements for SODIF while preserving the historical values of this 50 years old wholesaler.
  • We worked on product strategy, design, and development for TRACE Radio applications, on iOS and Android.
  • We helped Argolight’s developer team to ensure the reliability, accessibility and safety of their products, specialized in fluorescence for bioscience.
  • We collaborated with Osangy’s team to define their brand identity. Osangy helps you easily create sales that make the most of your social networks.
  • We built MiraEx’s brand identity to reflects their ambitions. MiraEx makes predictive products to protect the industrial world.
  • We worked on product and marketing assets for Inch, helping estate agencies and tenants to better communicate.
  • We built Echoes of House’s identity. Echoes Of House is a musical project led by John Jastszebski.
  • We helped Clicboutic showcase the values of Clicboutic Payments through design assets and a new website. Clicboutic is a solution dedicated to e-commerce websites.
  • We worked on branding and design for Sqreen, revolutionizing apps protection and joining the next batch of YC.

2018, we’re ready!

Thank you for reading 💚

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