Three months in, and we’ve started as we mean to go on

Apr 10, 2017 · 5 min read
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Here at creative studio Muxu.Muxu, the last three months have flashed by in a whirlwind — a happy, energizing rollercoaster ride of stimulating fresh collaborations and exciting meetings with new clients. Touch wood, business is booming as they say, and the team are feeling fulfilled. All in all, we feel very lucky.

We’ve split our time between internal and external projects. We’ve mostly been working on design-oriented projects for clients. For example, we recently put the finishing touches on the landing page for Lattice. Lattice is a new-age HR software tool for goal management, performance reviews and weekly team check-ins. They considered it important to have an image as slick as the service they provide. Our illustrations were featured in Forbes Tech News, which seemed mad for little old us here in Bordeaux — perhaps the sky really is the limit.


We’re also in the process of finalizing the Trace FM radio app, and are continuing to develop the identity of flower wholesaler, SODIF.

The rest of our time has been shared across our in-house projects and outreach work. Designers Damien and Luc both teach at ECV École de Design et d’Animation, the design university in Bordeaux. We’ve also been receiving 2 or 3 spontaneous job applications per week, for both tech and design roles. We always make an effort to reply to these emails, even if the application might not match our needs. We set aside time each week for a call with applicants to give feedback on what was great about their applications and where there is room for improvement.

So if we had to sum up the last 3 months, they’ve been exciting, happy — and perhaps slightly lacking in sleep! We like to speak to our clients on the phone in order to fully understand the identity they are seeking to develop. We have clients in SF and Austin, this means juggling the time difference between Europe and the US. So there have been some very early mornings!

The last 3 months have also provided the opportunity for fun new collaboration. We’re proud to sponsor the next Django Girls event in Bordeaux. We’ve also been working with Edouard Breine, a specialist in Mobile Apps Growth. He brings a fresh dynamic to the team and we hope to work more with him in the coming months. We’ve also sought to grow our own communication output. With the help of Benjamin Ulmet, we’ve produced a 1-minute showreel of our work. It aims to showcase who Muxu.Muxu are and what our work entails: setting aside time to developing the identity of the company is very important. His motion design skills add another string to our bow, enabling us to enhance our clients’ brands even further.

This video showcases design and development projects made by our team with our lovely clients.

For the last three months, the Quorum team have generously allowed us to set up camp in their offices. Not only does this mean we are working alongside good friends, but we also have the valuable opportunity to run our ideas by them and take a step back from our work. They give us a hand with our dev needs from time to time too.

Of course, it’s not all been plain sailing: the last three months have not been without their challenges. We weren’t able to complete one project for a client, whom we reimbursed. It wasn’t an easy decision to pull the plug, but it was the right one. The project was technically very demanding and although we believed we were going to be able to deliver, we noticed pretty early on that it was going to be complicated for us. Whilst that was far from the outcome we would have hoped for, the experience was not a negative one: we communicated openly with the client and could help him look for an alternative solution. As such, we have preserved a good working relationship with him, and are working with him on other design projects.

We still need to fine-tune our internal communication too, to keep the way we work together as organised as possible. We had all collaborated in some capacity prior to Muxu.Muxu, and hadn’t anticipated that self-organisation would be an issue. Audrey has made a Slack bot that asks the team where they will be working the following day. Such a minor adjustment has already enabled us to align ourselves with each other more effectively, meaning we can better organise our time and communicate more fluidly.

There is a tendency within companies to not speak openly about team expectations, and the course of action to be taken if anything goes wrong. At Muxu.Muxu we feel strongly that it is important to be open from the offset, before any tension arises. We take particular pride in the fact that all team members are happy to be working together, and everyone takes full responsibility for his or her work. We sit down together regularly to discuss what has been a success and what could be improved upon.

A client once advised us on the importance of having a positive, transparent culture within a company, of being as inclusive as possible and trying to share our positive experiences. We try to implement that every day at Muxu.Muxu because one thing is for sure: we mean to go on as we’ve started!

Thank you for reading 💚

Article written by the amazing Emily Fiennes

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We are a passionate creative studio from sunny Bordeaux.

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