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The Next Step in the Journey

There comes a time when you have to pull back and see what you doing, understand why you are doing what you are doing, and reframe the context towards that new reality.

This is not an announcement of a new company. This is not a grand unveiling of a breakthrough concept. This is only the next step of my journey and a reframing of the context to match where my path has lead me. It evolved from the recent Chikai 🤖 experiment, which was very unstructured, and has now taken a form that actually has some structure and purpose.

I’m naming this next step muxventures.

It is a blend of two words.

mux (/məks/) noun. a system or signal involving simultaneous transmission of several messages along a single channel of communication.

The first term is used in signal processing and is apropos given the focus on conversational UI and messaging. I’ve always loved the word “mux” both in how it sounds, but also because it’s a short version of “multiplex” and is not too far from the word “mix”.

ven·ture (ven(t)SHər) noun, plural ventures. a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

The second term is somewhat a reclaiming of the word from the investment side of things to the operating side, where it acts as an acknowledgement that this is a risky journey, since a lot of what is happening with chatbots and the like is still unknown both in terms of what it is worth as well as it’s final form.

So what is muxventures?

It is an endeavor to build products that use conversation as a way to deliver value to users. The core concept driving all of the products will be the “mux point”, a convergence of communication with one entity that holds value that is sought after by many. It starts with a human mux point, transitions to a human assisted by bots, and eventually ends with algorithms and artificial intelligence handling all of the conversation.

The journey starts with three products.

muxgram is the system that routes and handles messages for multiple 1:1 conversations with one entity.

muxbots is a fully automated system that will initially assist humans with specific tasks and functions, but eventually will handle most if not all of the conversation.

muxnews is an experimental project to explore and develop a new language for communicating with users in a simple and familiar way that allows for easier parsing and understanding by bots.

These products will be released over the coming months, so if you are interested in getting updates or being an early tester, please send an email to contact@muxventures.com or follow us on Twitter @muxventures.

I want to thank all of those who have helped me in my journey so far from personal friends to the awesome team at GV to the new people I’ve met through Chikai 🤖. It’s a longer journey than I would have thought, but nonetheless it has been all worthwhile.

Onward and godspeed.

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