Weird Movies

Do ever feel caged while focusing on your profession? Sure, it’s your passion and your top most priority, but this doesn’t mean you should give up everything else. Make time for yourself in watching crazy films.

For a technical student like me, I long for something away from cross-sectional papers, guidelines, or anything unrelated from my field. Get into the deeper depth of your soul. If you consider traveling as one of your hobbies, then you can might as well consider new hobby at home or even wherever you are. It’s also like traveling, but just with the mind.

Well, okay, these movies are not actually “new” but they may seem new to you.Typical movie-holics are those who watch comedies like Vacation (2015), or romantic ones like The Notebook (2004). This time, I’m taking you somewhere deeper. If you don’t want to be different, then watch something…different. Sync films on your phone or tablet and watch them as soon as you get a free time anywhere, whether you’re in class waiting for your professor, or waiting for the lunch time to end.

It’s highly usual when people asks you watch you watch and it’s one of those moments where you wish they hadn’t asked you at all. I will not tell you the plot, search about them yourself, explore them yourself, or better if you directly watch it not knowing what it is about. wink emoticon Try with psychedelic/melodramatic films or watch these 5 movies that I recommend:

Science of Sleep (2006)


Tusk (2014)


Cashback (2006)


Moonrise Kingdom (2012)


I, Origins (2014)


Movies like these, or any other weird, indie/melodramatic films helps you take the stress far far away. They play with your mind, they tickle your soul, the bring out a whole different view of the world.

If you have seen a film like any of this sort, please comment them below.

Stay weird!!