Mx. Desk Is Live

We’re taking the first step toward a big update to Desktime, one that makes it easier for coworking and shared office space owners to manage booking, sell subscriptions and packages, and see how their space is doing. If you need to manage your space, trying out Mx. Desk is still a quick, no-subscription process — give it a try.

We’ve also made it more transparent how Mx. Desk makes money, and how much money you can make using our service.

And you might notice some new colors, and a logo, too.

Here’s the most important thing: Existing Desktime members don’t have to do a thing. For now, the only people who will see the new Mx. Desk sign-up flow are people signing up for the service for the first time. Space managers already using Desktime can keep on using it, and should not see interruptions of any kind. But if you want us to change your account over to the new look, just let us know.

Why the change? First, we wanted to strip away as many clicks, buttons, and text fields from the sign-up process as possible. Using Mx. Desk to manage your space only requires a username and password, some very basic details, and a connection to the Stripe billing service. If you want to sign up for the Desktime directory to advertise your space, that’s easy to do, but not required.

Second, we like to make changes in iterations, and make sure they’re working as intended before moving people into them. We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to improve the site as a whole. You’ll hear more from us soon.