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Bitcoin Mining is Here to Stay, DataDash 2FA, Exciting New Partners + More!

Happy Monday, everybody! This week’s News Update blog post is stacked with the latest MXC stories, so keep reading to stay in the know on all things bitcoin mining, partnerships, Data Republic growth, and beyond.

⛏ Low-Power Bitcoin Mining

Did you read our latest article on bitcoin mining with the M2 Pro? Make sure to read our analysis of the DKP III testnet and let us know what you think of the report. Spoiler alert: bitcoin mining is here to stay, coming to you later this month. That means you only have a few more weeks to get your M2 Pro and be on the starting line. The turnaround time from DKP III to permanent BTC mining has been super fast. Big thanks to the MatchX developer crew!

🇷🇴 M2 Pro Distributor in Romania

MatchX is thrilled to announce its first official distributor in Romania and welcome VLC Division to the movement. They are working hard on getting everything set up right now, so if you are in Romania, make sure to check them out!

🇦🇪 M2 Pro Distributor in the UAE

Next, MatchX is pleased to announce another new official distributor — this time in the UAE, where MatchX is partnering with BitDune to build our global Data Republic. We’re picturing miners in Dubai, sitting back on the beach right now… If you think there should be M2 Pro distributors in your region, tell them to drop MatchX a line! For our supporters in the UAE, make sure to check out BitDune.

📊 HNT Miners Partnership

Lastly, in terms of new partnerships, MatchX is pleased to announce that another previous HNT miner has joined MXC’s global Data Republic! HNT Miners have moved to our network, building a free and decentralized IoT network together with the rest of the MXCrew. We love having so much growth in our community, and convincing others of the incredible merits of the MXProtocol. Now — they are called HNT Miners, but they are promoting M2 Pro Miners. Check them out at

🔒 DataDash App Security

2FA: we’re always going on about it, but now we can not only tell you to get it, but we can also show you what to do. A brand-new 2FA video just dropped, so take a look and add two-factor authentication to your DataDash App. Save your Crypto — get 2FA! We’ve introduced the video to protect you, so check it out on YouTube.

🤗 New Team Members

We would like to welcome new members of the MXC team this week! A warm welcome to Icaro, a backend engineer, who is joining us all the way from Brazil. We look forward to building the future together!

🧠 Tech Question

Finally, for our tech question of the week, brought to you by Stephany and Latifah:

Question: Why is my DataDash App not working? My miner is not visible in the app (or showing offline) although the LED light on the miner is green.

Answer: Try to log in again to refresh the data in the app. As long as the miner emits a green light, you’re online and actively mining.

Thanks for reading this week. We’re wishing all the best to all our MXCrew around the world. Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay hodling!

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