Bitcoin Mining with Low-Power, Cyber Monday Deals, NFT Metaverse Coming

Roxanne Dudrick
Nov 29, 2021 · 2 min read

It’s Monday and low-power $BTC mining starts in just 24 hours. Keep reading for all of the exciting news happening in the MXC ecosystem this week.

🥳 Bitcoin Mining This Week

Our third Low-power bitcoin mining testnet with the M2 Pro goes live on November 30. Stay tuned for updates on the DataDash app.

🎁 Cyber Monday

Don’t miss Cyber Monday deals! Did you get your order in with MatchX to join our global network?

🧑‍🎨 NFT Update

Are you team NFT? MXC is talking to some big designers to roll out mind-blowing metaverse designs.

MXC is working with the DHX team alongside Kusama to release the next level in Functional NFTs. Not only is the future looking pretty funky, but we’re also adapting cool tech to make our lives easier and more dynamic.

On the MatchX side, they received their first LoRa-NFT tags that can be put on any real-life objects! This is just one example of how MXC is joining the magic of the metaverse with everyday functionality. These NFT tags can be attached to transmit data from temperature to location to authenticity.

They are even working on closing a deal with a drink manufacturer from the Netherlands. You know what that means? Giveaways are coming. Watch this space.

🗺️ Global Expansion

And now onto MXC’s global expansion! Atiko is MatchX’s newest authorized M2 Pro distributor in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Not only are they spreading the MXC network across Eastern Europe, but they will also join the MXC and MatchX device provisioning rollout.

🧐 FAQ with Latifah

Last but not least, your weekly FAQ from our Technical Support Engineer Latifah.

Question: How can I join bitcoin mining?

Answer: Simply lock MXC in your DataDash app, have health above 90%, and you’re ready to mine. It’s that simple. Learn more here.

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