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DataDash Update, Supernodes, New Team Members + More

Another Monday, another News Update — but this one has a special twist. Keep reading to discover the latest progress report from the MXC team.

🧑‍💻 DataDash App Update

We have a brand new shiny version of the DataDash App and it’s available to all right now! This update offers improvements, bug fixes, and some sweet new features, so make sure you download it now if you haven’t already.

The main updates include:

  1. Direct FAQ access through the app
  2. Improved Dark Mode settings
  3. Custom maintenance screens in the app in case of server maintenance
  4. DHX Financial Reports
  5. Map interactions for a smooth user experience
  6. New user signup issues fixed
  7. Fixed issues with calculations under Mining Simulator
  8. Year tab for Miner Detail graphs now shows month and year

We are always working to improve your experience, so feel free at any time to drop into our Discord or any of our other socials to let us know if there is anything that can improve user experience for the DataDash App!

🦸 Supernodes

Next, turning to the coolest subject ever: network infrastructure. Quick refresher — do you know what Supernodes are? Do you know what it takes to become a Supernode? Or even how you could become one? Or why you’d want to?

As our network rapidly grows, Supernodes become more and more important. And we think it’s important that our miners know this as well. You can watch this simple explainer video, or stay on the look out for more informative content coming soon on our website. We love to inform our community about all the aspects of mining, and understanding the role that Supernodes play is one of those things. Stay tuned for more info, and always remember that research is your friend!

👏 Introducing New Teammates

This week, we would like to highlight another great new member joining our MXC family. Please give a warm welcome to Naweli! Naweli joins us as a Product Owner here at the MXC Foundation, helping our dev team make sure their goals are successfully realized. She is a fantastic addition to our team and brings invaluable experience. We are thrilled to have you on board, and help us build the future of IoT and the metaverse together!

There are so many incredible projects that we are working on, that we really need all hands on deck, and we are so excited to have so many dedicated people collaborating with us. Our MXC crew in Berlin is growing all the time. To help us grow even faster and get more of the best and brightest on our team, we are very lucky to welcome our new head of HR to MXC! Welcome, Agnieszka! We are thrilled to have her on board to assist us in expanding our team even more and allow us to attract more of the smartest minds around; to help us build our innovative projects and turn our vision into reality. Thank you for all your hard work, and we are thrilled to be growing so rapidly!

If you want to join us and help us turn our vision into reality, check out our LinkedIn!

👩‍🔧 Tech Question

Now we turn to our colleague Latifah for her tech question of the week.

Question: The DKP III low-power bitcoin mining testnet ended on February 26, so why is my MXC still locked?

Answer: Locks for the DKP III testnet will automatically unlock once the 90 day period is over. This means that your lock period may not be the same as the BTC mining testnet period.

For example, if you locked your MXC 80 days ago, then you will have a 10 day wait period before your MXC is released. As always, thanks for submitting your questions and get excited for the BTC mining analysis to come!

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay hodling.

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