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South Africa Certification, Lithuania Distributor, MXC Kicks + More!

🇿🇦 South Africa Certification

We recently mentioned that we’re accelerating the mining community’s global reach by applying for M2 Pro certification in South Africa. We’re thrilled to share that we are now certified in South Africa! That means we’re expanding, from Europe to the US, from Australia to Asia, and now Africa. Let’s go!

🇱🇹 Expansion in Lithuania

The M2 Pro is going East with MatchX’s first distributor located in Lithuania. It’s true: the MXC Data Republic is a global mining movement — you don’t want to miss this.

🚚 M2 Pro Deliveries

With all of this global expansion happening, the M2 Pro is selling faster than ever. For our European supporters, this means there is a temporary shipping delay of about 10 days. MatchX sincerely apologizes and will make sure to drop you a big merch pack for the delay. For everyone else — your orders and shipping are on time.


Moving on to bitcoin mining. There has been so much talk about DKP III and so many questions such as: Did it work? Were there issues? When will it become permanent? The data scientists at MXC are going through the results and completing an analysis of the digital footprint of DataDash users. Some initial findings show the testnet seems to have been a big success, and all of the miners who joined the testnet mined BTC daily. They are also working on how to increase this BTC mining on a daily basis. We will keep you posted on the results!

📱 DataDash App Update

The community can expect to see some big changes on the DataDash App in next four to six weeks with a lot of exciting features. We’ll reveal more in the coming weeks, but the latest update includes some minor bug fixes, DHX multi-token tax reports, and a simplified Dark Mode option. Thank you to the development team for your hard work!

🤗 New Team Member

The MXC Foundation is innovating and developing so much at the moment in the realms of the metaverse and NFTs. As leaders, especially in the field of functional NFTs, we are always pushing the envelope, and we are so excited to welcome a new VP of Engineering into the fold. Shashank comes from the US and worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years. With his joining, we can expand our developments in the metaverse and NFT spaces much better and faster. We are looking forward to building even more great things together. Welcome on board, Shashank!

🔎 Tech Question

Now, for the tech question of the week from our tech guru Latifah!

Question: Can I rename a miner?

Answer: Yes, you can! To rename a miner, simply do the following:

  1. Open your Supernode Web UI (For example, for the MatchX Supernode.)
  2. Log in with your credentials from the DataDash App.
  3. Navigate to the Gateway page.
  4. Select a miner to rename.
  5. Tap Configuration and change the gateway name.

🎉 MXC Kicks Winner

Finally, congratulations to our winner of this round’s MXC Kicks loaded with Bitcoin! Vinzenz W. now has the opportunity to win up to $5,000 worth of Bitcoin. Make sure to get your entries in for the next round.

Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay hodling.

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