Trying to Make Good Decisions When Building

This week started the second sprint and I moved onto building the user interface for the journal.

Development is a lot slower than I would like, but I’m trying to build in good habits and learn how react-native patterns should be written. In turn, many times I take a little longer building something rather than creating a UI or backend that works and fixing it up from there.

The Fun Stuff

Callback hell

Thought I was in callback hell, but thankfully I am not!

I’m really excited about having the journaling feature up and the next step is to start building on the analysis.

Design of the analysis pages are changing everyday. Thankfully, it has not interfered with development, but I’m excited to start building the analysis pages because that’s the core of the product is showing users something meaningful with their data.

Company Party

We had our company party this past Tuesday on a farm in Williamsburg. This was really fun and it was nice to invite friends to meet the people at Made by Many. I took doggy duty for most of the night and played with Kleine rather than mingling.