Week 10 — Setting visual tone

This week, I was able to change gears from thinking about flows and navigation to focusing on the look and feel of the app to create a cohesive tone for the experience. I definitely felt much better going into visuals after all the discussions the team has had for getting around the app.

Another big change we made was to the second visualization of our graph, where we’ve modified it to be now overlapping filled in line graphs for the five different emotions (sadness, joy, fear, disgust, anger). After talking with development team more, we realized that it was not very realistic to finish the color mood map we had in mind in two weeks because of the nuances of the gradients and visuals.

Mid week, we also took a field trip to the New Lab in the Navy Yard in Brooklyn where really cool things are being built inside an old ship making building. Super cool space…and super good catering with baby lobster rolls :)

Old Shipyard
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