Week 2: A Sticky Situation

Hi, how is everyone doing? The other day the MxM interns discovered that we have an incredible view right outside our window on the fire escape.

“Don’t jump!! We haven’t bought insurance on the interns yet!” — Tom, Design Director of Made by Many NYC
Lately the weather has been really nice(@ ̄∇ ̄@)

Apart from this discovery, Week 2 has indeed been a “sticky” situation — a week chock full of sticky notes and ideation, while figuring out how to move forward for our internship project.

In the meantime we participated in a couple of fun yet substantial brainstorming workshops led by Tom and Stuart.

1. X for Y

X for Y

This card game, informally dubbed X for Y, is an exercise of “frankensteining” startups to random concepts, nouns, and other generated words.

The end result is the birth of a new product: sometimes innovative and sometimes hilarious, for example an uber blimp service for people climbing the state tower.

All in all, it is a creative and enjoyable exercise that really gets your brain working around mashing two weird things into a viable product.

2. Initial Brainstorming Phase

Coming back to our internship project, after careful consideration we decided to move forward with our own project instead of partnering with a client. Without time to spare, we immediately began brainstorming potential categories that then lead too…

3. Scorecard

This was one of my favorites, because we had to publicly share our scores in each category, and duke it out whenever there was an outlier. A final decision must come to a civilized agreement before moving onto the next.

A big thumbs up to Stuart for coming up with this genius method. It is deceivingly simple and straightforward, but is actually a really great tactic that allows everyone to be on the same page while remaining happy and agreeable and promoting discussion.

My favorite part is at the end — being surprised by which topics survived, which didn’t, and how it differed from initial assumptions and expectations.

All in all it was a good week. Apart from work, I got to try Jamaican food, met the company dog, and picked up Call of Duty (got whooped real bad but it’s ok). The week went by fast. Really fast.

‘Til next time! See you next week~

Kleine begging me to feed him my Jamaican food…
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