Week 5: Ideation Phase 2

Wow, looking back, a lot has happened during Week 5. We are currently armed with 6 ideas and in the process of preparing for round 2 of interviewing. Things are picking up!

Sketch Session

We kicked off Monday with a sketch session. We posed problem areas and insights backed up with quotes from the people we interviewed, and compiled it in a presentation to help centralize the theme of each sketch session.

The next day, we organized the slew of ideas and started to process it into tangible ideas that we could see ourselves pursuing.

Flow Chart

Adam and Tom helped us map out a flow chart of all the actors and audiences involved in the event space, to fill in all the necessary actions, duties, and roles in correlation to others. By doing so we could visually map everything that happens in an event space to clearly visualize the gaps in the market that we can tackle, the serious problems that each actor faces, and more.

Normal intern pace of working — gif from Adam ( ̄∇ ̄ )

I really value Tom and Adam introducing the flowchart to us. I personally haven’t truly ever taken the time to step back to map out the entire context and scenario. It forced me into the shoes of the people we are addressing and trying to design for, and I saw how little interviewing can cover holistically.


We organized our 9 ideas, 3 in each category:

  1. Task Management
  2. Venue
  3. Sponsor

We then formulated pitches for each idea, ran it through the MxM group meeting, whittled it down to 6 ideas, and finally began sketching.

A huge thanks to Tom and Adam for running by sketches with me. They pointed out valid issues and suggested different ways to cut down and simplify. The phrase less is more is always overused and ingrained, but honestly the key is in juggling the perfect amount —I found myself having to add in details.

So, what’s next?

Billy and Marina took charge in contacting and finding a list of people to run our prototypes by while I finalized the sketches. Round 2 of interviewing will be fun because we finally get to externalize our 6 concepts. For weeks we holed up our ideas in our lair, brainstormed within our little bubble, prohibited from pitching at all to the public, but now we are finally allowed to bring it out into the world to see people’s reactions.

My favorite part in this whole process is the realization that comes along with eliminating the ideas one by one. I find it super satisfying, like peeling and cleaning up the white parts of orange peels. In the end you have a solid idea, and a sparkling clean orange to eat~

See you next week!

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