Week 6: Carving out the Path

This week was probably the biggest step forward we have taken thus far. I was hit with the realization of the unexpected path we will end up traveling upon for the summer.

Our first interview @ Ground Support Cafe. Thanks for your help! :)

We started off the week with…

  1. 6 Sketches
  2. 7 Interviews

We tackled round 2 of interviews and because we targeted a diverse crowd of planners, sponsors, venues — each with various personalities, areas of interests, and goals — the feedback we received was at times conflicting.

Overall it’s good seeing multiple angles of each project, the extreme ends of likes and dislikes, weaknesses and strengths. It also became really clear how the target user is an important actor in this role.

Very cool space @ Alley NYC

From 6 to 1

We unexpectedly narrowed down to our core concept after 2 days of interviewing. It completely caught me by surprise, though I’m not exactly sure why. It happened so quickly and part of the shock is related to the topic that became the chosen one and part of it is related to keeping our options open for weeks on end and suddenly — in one short session our summer goal became clarified just like that.

But how did we choose?

We did a short session with Stu to analyze all the info we processed from our 2 days of interviewing. The blue sticky notes references positive quotes, the reds quote the negative, and the pastels are neutral.

We then looked at each topic idea and discussed the positives, negatives, overall concept and feasibility. Stu noted that sometimes the positives were actually negatives in disguise, and at times the negatives prove the idea as a strong concept by breaking down motives.

And just like that, Sponsor Shuffle became our idea.

Core Skeleton

The next important thing we did is stripping our concept to the bare essentials. Tom noted that we didn’t have a clear handle on our model, so we sat down to figure out the core goal of our idea.

By figuring out the most important aspects of our model, it grounded us in the core identity of our idea as well as paving the way for me to begin prototyping.

Friday, July 3rd

We didn’t have a day off on July 3rd but even better what we did have was ~*~Shake Shack~*~

Picture taken by Adam!
GIF by Adam

July 3rd was a pretty idyllic way to end the week. Burgers, fries, ice cream, COD, drinks — too many good things crammed in a day, so many bad choices made, but that’s what made it perfect.

Weeks are flying by, the snowball is gathering, and next week we’ll most likely begin separating to work in our separate roles.

See you next week! ✧

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