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mxtter #ArtistSummer — Announcing our Expert Panel

Since we’ve announced our #ArtistSummer grants program we’ve received over 200 applications from many diverse and exciting artists.

We wanted to gather an equally stunning and impressive expert panel together in order to help us decide on who the final 12 grant awardees will be.

Applications are still open until 31 August 2022— visit mxtter.art to apply and join our Discord for the next steps.

Our expert panel

(In alphabetical order)

Bryan Brinkman

Bryan Brinkman is an award-winning multi-media artist who utilizes his career in animation and motion graphics to create fun and playful works about the crypto-verse. Using a variety of digital tools, he creates fun and inventive ways to convey ideas that are both approachable and appealing.



CyberShakti is a multidisciplinary artist from India with a degree in creative communications. She has exhibited her photography and glitch artworks in galleries across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Goa, and recently took part at FU: BAR, the world’s biggest glitch art festival.


Glam Beckett

Independent female artist, exploring the themes of love and death, melancholy and loneliness, darkness and witchery. Her style is confident, with a bold, monochrome color palette and noir aesthetic. Art is her one true passion, and black color is the most effective mean of expressing her feelings and the realm of her imagination. One of the biggest accomplishments in Glam’s art career are the Sad Girls Bar NFT project and showcase of her artwork on Time Square Billboards during NFT NYC 2022.


IX Shells

Itzel Yard, aka Ix Shells, (she/her) was born in 1990 in Panama, where she continues to live and work.

Yard is a self-taught coder who discovered computer science while playing video games as a child. She is now one of the highest-selling NFT artists in the world. Dreaming at Dusk (2021), a collaboration with The Tor Project, was purchased for 500 ETH in May 2021.

Yard champions social change. She is one of the co-founders of Creative Code Art, an artist-led-community that supports emerging generative artists. She also collaborates with Algorithmic Justice League, PleasrDAO, Girls Who Code and TOR.



John Orion Young (JOY) is a fourth generation artist and sculptor exploring new ways of creating, distributing, and experiencing art through the innovative technologies of AR, VR, and blockchain.

JOY is the first artist to create and launch their own NFT contract and minted the first 3D art on the blockchain in 2018 and is creating JOYWORLD, an immersive metaverse experience to make you feel JOYful and creative.

Lyonna Lyu

Lyonna Lyu is a self-taught illustrator and iconographer utilizing NFTs as a preservation tool. They incorporate Eritrean heritage, narratives, and history while reimagining an ancient artistic style into their own. Few pieces are political, offering commentary and critique while reflecting on our world from an African-diasporic lens.

They began offering illustrations as prints in July 2020, and soon took off designing political campaign posters for the city of Sacramento and publishing a series in a magazine that same year. In Nov of 2020, Lyonna pivoted to imbuing their cultural illustrations onto the blockchain. Since entering the metaverse, they have sold over 50 NFTs, majority are 1 of 1s, with pieces held in sweet custodial vaults such as the Museum of Crypto Art, the $WHALE Art Vault, Cypher DAO Vault, and African Museum of the Metaverse.


Bal Bhatla, better known as @mrwhisper, is a Professional photographer and has built a reputation by capturing candid photographs of around London by night. During his career he has worked with numerous global brands such as, Netflix, Adidas, Star Wars, BMW, Fujifilm and Lonely Planet. His images have been featured in newspapers, magazines and blogs and a variety of exhibitions around the globe.


Portrait XO

Portrait XO (she/they) is an independent researcher and artist who creates musical and visual works with traditional and non-traditional methods. In collaboration with Dadabots, they won ‘Best Experiment’ award at VUT Indie Awards 2021, Eurovision AI Song Contest Jury Vote for ‘most creative use of AI’ in 2020. Her development into AI audiovisual art evolved through several artist residencies from NEW NOW FESTIVAL and BBA Gallery in 2021, and Factory Berlin x Sonar+D in 2020. She researches computational creativity, human-machine collaboration, and explores new formats & applications for forward-thinking art and sound. She holds a monthly radio residency with her art & activism collective CO:QUO (CO-CREATE STATUS-QUO) on Refuge Worldwide Radio, is growing a community of hybrid artists at SOUND OBSESSED, and a founding member of The IASAS (International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists).


radarboy3000 is a crypto artist, creative hacker and techno utopianist from South Africa, now living in Singapore. His work is inspired by computational art, and the aesthetics of the dance music scene. Stripped of excess details, his mostly monochromatic minimalist artwork strives to find meaning and beauty in collaboration with the machine.

He is also the founder of the Asia’s first and largest NFT art event, Crypto Art Week Asia, and of the generative NFT collectible, The Mad Hatter’s Club, one of the biggest projects on the Tezos blockchain.


Stellabelle a cryptoartist, author and metaverse architect. She’s been doing art her entire adult life and wrote her first book Uncrap Your Life in 2015. Before she found crypto in 2016 she was a science and tech writer for Interesting Engineering.

She founded one of the first creative commons cryptoart collectives, Slothicorn, in 2017 which was instrumental in providing free resources and education to artists who were just entering the cryptoart scene. Slothicorn, built on the Steem blockchain, was part of the opensource and creative commons movements and rewarded artists with crypto way before NFTs went mainstream.

Her satirical and historical CryptoStellas project was born from the lethal combination of greed and mediocrity in the 2021 NFT world. It was launched in October 2021 and is still ongoing. It is a cc0/public domain art project.

In addition to her art, she’s been building art exhibitions and unique experiences in the Voxels metaverse since early 2021.



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