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mxtter #ArtistSummer grants

$30k in grants for artists joining our next season

Last year was an amazing time for digital artists to find a market for their art in the web3 space. Through NFTs artists were able to find collectors (and funding) in a way that has typically eluded the digital art space.

When I founded mxtter I wanted answer the question:

How do you build & sustain a career as a digital artist?

I was familiar with market cycles in the web3 space, having been in NFTs since 2017, and was concerned that the wave of artists announcing that they had become self-sufficient through selling their art as NFTs would not yet be resilient enough in a market downturn.

Here we are in 2022, and the market downturn has arrived as expected, so the mission of mxtter to support emerging artists is more relevant than ever.

How will we do it?

Announcing $30k in grants for emerging artists

We’re about to begin a new Season at mxtter called #ArtistSummer (in contrast to NFT winter)

We will be spotlighting multiple artists as they apply for a position in this season, and with a panel of well-known artists & mentors be choosing 12 artists to receive $2,500 as a grant to join the Season

About the #ArtistSummer Season

mxtter exists as a space to create generative, collaborative and experimental work by artists, supported by the collector community and the DAO.

For the next season, #ArtistSummer, 12 artists will be paired to create 6 generative drops which will be launched on mxtter.art as well as creating a 1/1 piece for an auction that where proceed will be split 50/50 with the DAO to continue the funding of artists in this space.

Stay tuned to find out more about our artists & mentors who will be part of the selection process for the grants

ARTISTS — if you haven’t yet applied to join, here is the mxtter artist application



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