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mxtter: Early access & Public sale

Open minting for AZAR begins 29 Dec 2021 — find out how it works…

Continuing our mxtter launch series

mxtter is a new kind of platform for artists

When we launched mxtter we wanted to be different than the other platforms, focusing on the best experience for artists to be experimental.

Thinking about the future of digital art on the blockchain; Looking beyond typical ‘drops’ for 2022

Much of the design and thinking around the platform came from our thinking about the future of digital art on the blockchain.

We saw exciting innovations around generative art but the space soon became dominated by 10k profile-pic (pfp) drops.

With mxtter we want to focus on artist discovery, experimental art, and a collaborative spirit

What this means in terms of how we feature artists and sell their art is that we want to emphasize the creative use of the generative medium (including artists who are new to generative art) and we want to break away from the ‘fomo’ driven speculative market.

We’re looking to attract collectors into the mxtter DAO who will scout and develop up & coming artists that we can collectively support.

We’re looking for true digital art collectors, not speculators

Designing auctions & sales for artists and collectors

So how do we design a system that allows for both price discovery and fair distribution of art to all of the collectors who want to own it?

Our gallery concept is based on two phases to launching our featured artist collections:

  • Auctions — 14 days of auctions for limited edition generative pieces (unique to those in the open sale). These pieces also grant access to mxtter DAO and 50% of the proceeds go into the DAO treasury.
  • Open Sale — Time-windowed sale periods where qualifying collectors can mint (purchase) the generative artwork. The art itself is determined at the time of minting, with a random ‘number’ generated from the blockchain transaction. Sales periods will be capped by time, not editions.
All Daily Auction pieces have a signature in the corner

Daily Auctions

Collections launch with a new generative piece minted daily and automatically placed for auction.

These auctioned pieces are a unique limited edition series, and contain different artwork than the pieces that will go up for the open sale.

Open Sale pieces have a wider variation and rarer layers — such as the signature

Open Sale

How the ‘Open Sale’ phase works: Early access & public windowed sale periods

  • Early Access Sale: Day 1— A 4-hour sale window will be announced in advance on Discord and Twitter, allowing only people who signed up on the early access list (now closed). Additionally, any of the people who bid on the daily auctions will be added to the early access window.
  • Public Sale: Day 2 & 3— Two shorter sales windows will be announced ONLY ON THE DAY on Discord only, with a ‘last call’ to be announced on Twitter. Each day will aim to fit into a different timezone.
  • Sales will be capped by the time window and editions sold and rarities will be announced after the final public sale on Day 3 ends.

Join us on Discord for advanced notifications of our upcoming events!



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