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[ mxtter ] presents: Really Ambitious Mural Project — RAMP 2022

Our first massively multi-artist collaborative piece, kicking off Season 1

From our Genesis season, the AZAR collection

Recap of [ mxtter ] 2022

Since our Genesis season at the end of 2021 and the start of this year, we’ve been relaunching [ mxtter ] —

  • Building out an exciting and diverse team
  • Receiving 300+ application for our artist grants program, #ArtistSummer
  • Recruiting a top-notch panel of experts to help us decide on the grants awardees (soon to be announced)
  • Also soon to announce a series of partnerships that will demonstrate our vision for helping artists to build lasting careers in a more diverse and equitable art industry of the future.
Portion of Linework by our Community Manager and resident artist, Yinkore

Artist Spotlight Videos

Each season we feature ‘Artist Spotlight’ videos allowing artists to tell the story of their art and their journey in this space. We’re excited to be working with Michael Cameneti as the video producer on these. Michael is most recently known for his work with The Haas Brothers.

Launching Season 1 — October-December 2022

As we relaunch [ mxtter ] we’ll be resuming our regular schedule of drops. We’re excited to soon announce the artists we’ve started to work with on their collaborative drops.

Leading up to our seasonal drops, we wanted to attempt a collaborative drop that truly celebrates the community of artists we’ve built over the past year, as well as artists we hope to work with in the near future.

Portion of the Jump Series by Chris Walker

Announcing RAMP 2022

Our Really Ambitious Mural Project — what we plan to be an annual tradition of gathering as many artists in our network together to make a ‘massively multi-artist’ collaborative drop!

How does it work?

  • We’re looking for artists to provide layers — a pattern or illustration spread that will fill the space of 2048 x 1152 pixels
  • Alternately, artists may contribute a character illustration within a vertical height of 1152 pixels — on a transparent background (.png)
  • We’re keeping how these layers will be remixed, but artist contributors will keep a share of revenue in proportion to the layers contributed
  • The commemorative NFT drop will be an open edition, within a 24 hour time window.
Portion of Excess Bits by Kaigani

Submissions are OPEN

Artists can add their details to participate here!


Reach out to us in our Discord if you have any questions on how you can get involved!



[ mxtter ] is an artist incubator connecting artists, art, collectors, brands and communities. Putting artists first in the transformation of the $65B art industry through digital provenance on the blockchain.

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