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(Re)Introducing Team mxtter

Since we launched mxtter last year, I’ve written extensively about our plans to create an experimental space for artists to collaborate and explore generative art, as well as supporting up & coming artists grow and amplify their stories.

If you’re new to mxtter — here’s the story so far:

We launched as a project housed in the blockchain lab I co-founded. Since then, we’ve spun off as a full organization (with an attached DAO) and I’ve taken on a principal role with the aim of building a team to carry it forward.

I’m proud to announce we’ve brought together a fantastic team people who will help us continue to evolve the mission and vision of mxtter as an artist-led organization

New team members

Bardo — Artist/Community Relations Lead

Hi my name is bardo. I am the Artist/Community Relations Lead for Mxtter. I am one of the curators. I lead the artist outreach initiative. We are building an organic platform for curated digital artists to be inclusive, experimental and collaborative. Since 2018, I have been working with purpose driven blockchain companies. I am currently a community lead for a Web2 animation studio transitioning to Web3. I was a former community steward for Big Head Club NFT projects such as the Stoner Cats.

Soleil — Marketing Manager

👋 Hi Frens! Soleil here! ☀️ I’m super excited to join as the Community and Marketing Manager for mxtter!~ I’ve been in web3 since Feb 2021 and have helped with several different projects including DIM3N8ION 838, Botanica, and Monograma since. It’s a great pleasure to be here and to help build with the mxtter community!

Yinkore — Community Manager

Hey everyone, my name is Yinkore and I’m a digital artist and community builder who has been in the space since for almost a year now. Will be joining the Mxtter team as a community manager! I’ve worked as an artist with a ton of brands in the space including ConsenSys and Blockworks, as well as exhibited in numerous galleries most recent the iham gallery in Paris. So I’m very focused on providing opportunities to artists which is a core goal of Mxtter’s. So I’m really excited to be a part of this ❤️

Existing Team Members

Zach — Community/Marketing Advisor

Zach is a Computer Science graduate and has a long history of leadership roles throughout his academic career. He has served as Community/Marketing Lead for Savage Droids, Super Geisha, mxtter and more while also regularly setting up project Discords and providing security audits/advisement. With a deep interest in the mass adoption of blockchain technologies, Zach is using his community skills and knowledge of the industry to build toward that future.

Terence — Tech Advisor

Terence and I were colleagues at Netflix, and he’s brought his deep expertise in the Web3 space to lead the development of our website through its previous incarnations, as well as working with the artists to develop the generative drops themselves.

Each season we’ll welcome a new guest Creative Director to keep the mxtter brand evolving and changing. AltJames will be our Season 1 Creative Director, and has been working with to further develop the brand guidelines to keep the core essence of mxtter, while allow for it to grow and adapt with future season.

AltJames — Creative Director, Season 1

James studied Fine Art (Painting) in London and subsequently became a graphic designer working freelance at some of London’d top branding agencies. in the mid 90s he became a web designer and helped create one of the UK’s first web design agencies. He then set up his own agency with global clients in Europe and the Americas.

Throughout this time he has continued to paint and make artworks but rarely exhibited. In the last few years Fine Art has once more become his focus, with a particular interest in those boundaries of traditional painting, drawing and digital art. He has since exhibited in France and the UK.

Whilst working with Swiss banking clients in late 2020 — developing brands for the fintech environment he began researching crypto art. In early 2021 he started a project involving 100 fine art pieces on a common template/theme which were created, minted and sold over 7 months on the ethereum blockchain.

James has physical work in private collections in France, Italy, Switzerland and Australia. He currently splits his time between Ariège, South West France and the UK.

For more see altjames.com



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