Daily Conversation #1 — Brooke Stewart

Myself and Brooke

Day #1

Today, I spoke with Brooke Stewart as a part of My 30-Day Journey. Brooke Stewart has been a really good friend of mine since the beginning of high school. I chose to talk with her today because she was one of the people that I first discussed this idea with. She was extremely supportive of the idea, so I thought it’d be good to talk with her first so that I could really get a grasp of what I’m trying to do.

Here’s a bit about Brooke. Brooke just graduated from UC in May in the Health Sciences major and was on the pre-physical therapy school track. She’s going to take a year off and then will be applying to graduate school for physical therapy. She also has been traveling a lot this summer. She’s been to Nicaragua on a service trip, the Grand Canyon, Savannah, and Thailand over the last couple of months. Brooke and I talked for over an hour. As I mentioned, we’ve been friends for a long time but we talked about things we’ve never really talked about.

One thing we talked about was the power of social media. We both shared how we’re disappointed with how a lot of people in our generation use social media. It seems that social media has become such a crutch for negativity and that people are less inclined to share a positive message on their social media sites. Brooke said she tries her best to send a positive message whenever she can on her accounts.

One thing that Brooke and I talked about that really resonated with me was the importance of conversing with people in our daily lives. This part of the conversation completely reiterated to me how important this project was for me to grow as a person. Brooke is somebody that I’ve been close to for nearly 8 years and in an hour of our conversation, we talked about things that we’ve never talked about. I knew that she wanted to be a physical therapist but I didn’t know that it was a huge priority to her to really work with kids and to make it her life goal to dedicate herself to improving the lives of the patients she wanted to work with. Hearing her talk about helping kids with cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy was really exciting and inspiring.

Another heavy topic we talked about was how we both have conditions that affect our daily lives. I have cystic fibrosis and Brooke has diabetes. We’ve both been supportive of one another over the years about each other’s situations but it was something that we had never deeply discussed. CF and diabetes both affect how we make decisions every day, but for some reason, even though we’ve been good friends, we hadn’t really discussed it. Today, we talked about it a lot more and it was evident that both of our paths in life were formed because of these conditions. As we talked more about it, I learned that on top of physical therapy, she aspires to help children with diabetes.

One thing I really took out of this was reassurance that some of the people that I know so well and have known for a long time still have the ability to teach me new things about them. I firmly believe that everyone in life can teach everyone else important lessons if we’re willing to listen.

When it comes to your happiness, it’s okay to be selfish.

This was a quote that Brooke said. I really like this quote. At the end of the day, happiness is the ultimate goal. If we aren’t happy, we can’t fully be there for anybody else in our life. It’s crucial that we find our own happiness, and if it takes some time of us being selfish, then that’s what we have to do. When it’s all said and done, being selfish to figure ourselves is the only way we can be happy. And when we find happiness within us for us, it’s the only way we can learn to treat others the way they deserve to be treated.

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