Struggling with Employer Branding? Here is some inspiration

Your recruitment puzzle is incomplete without a strategy for Employer Branding. A well thought out employer branding strategy is driven by the same principles of marketing a product- to make it appealing to the user. There is no surprise that having proper employer branding on place is one of the compelling strategies for recruitment in 2017. If you are still not convinced, what if we tell you employer branding can easily attract passive candidates to your organization? That did brighten up your face, didn’t it?

Convinced, but are you wondering what to do next? Everything you require to polish your employer branding is already within your organization. But right now, what you require is a push in the right direction. Which is why we have curated five brands to give you some inspiration on how to do employer branding on social media, especially Instagram. Read on

Man Repeller

This award winning humorous website for fashion, style, and culture started by Leandra Medine is a pit-stop for anyone who’s looking to fuel some energy into their teams. Manrepeller’s Instagram stories are vivid with videos and photos of their team. And all of them send out positive vibes of how it is to work at Man Repeller. Just like the outlook of the e-zine, behind the screen photos tell us that they are a fun bunch, taking work with a slice of happiness, and motivated. Who doesn’t want to work in such an environment?


We are all familiar with this multi-national tech giant. If that sounded too corporate a.k.a too serious a.k.a too boring, get ready to change your opinion. When you scroll down IBM’s Instagram, it is difficult to resist the wish to work in such a brilliant organization. In addition to the brilliant innovations , we also get a peek into their team moments, office environment, brainstorming sessions, and more. IBM knows how the millennial heart beats, and they conquer it, one Instagram photo at a time.


A marketer’s savior when it comes to email marketing. But, today, we will show you how they are a big source of motivation when it comes to employer branding. Have a look at Mailchimp’s Instagram, and you can see almost everyone who works at Mailchimp. They regularly post #meetmailchimp with what each person does in the company and a trivia about them. We see happy employees at a happy place; we know you agree too.


Slack is about life and conversations at work place; and Slack’s Instagram is about life and conversations at Slack HQ. Although, they are not really regular on Instagram, we can’t ignore their employee photos bursting with team spirit. Anyone who goes to Slack’s feed get a sense that the organization values its people. We all want to work at a place where we are appreciated, right? And if your employer branding can give off that feeling, you will never run out talent.


Hootsuite’s Instagram description says it all: “ A look inside Hootsuite”. If anyone is looking to work in Hootsuite, they don’t have to dig deep into Google Search; they just have to open their Instagram account. Hootsuite realizes the potential of Employer Branding, which might be why they have dedicated a social media profile to showcase Hootsuite life. Team photos, fun moments in office, events attended, office dogs- their page is filled with the moments which reflect their work culture.

Employer branding on social media, is only a small (but crucial) part. If you push out false content in the hope of impressing the audience, it can backlash. More than a marketing campaign, your employer brand must reflect the company’s principles, work culture, and employees. Without an honest approach, employer branding can break at the easiest snap. But, we are sure you won’t make that mistake.

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