My Art as NFT
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My Art as NFT

‘Avatars of Nature’ (an origin NFT collection)

Manifesting via Rarible, throughout 2022…. for 0.03 ETH which is currently around $50 each.


These are hand-drawn, digital concepts or ‘origin’ drawings.

Avatars of Nature are CC0 or “No Rights Reserved” a bit like the Nouns project, with emphasis on community (however, no DAO, voting etc. or treasury exist right now).

Owners/collectors can do anything they like with the items: animate them, empower them, modify and sell new versions, collaborate to make enhanced collections, make/sell AI manipulations, use them for art on creative projects, fund an animation project for them, etc….

For we are all Nature’s avatars… Sky’s the limit… (or is it?)

Each one is unique and drawn by hand.

The series originates from before the age of the NFT; from ideas for an animation project called ‘Seeing Squares’/’Fruition’, and a small concept art book called ‘A Book of Mind’, exploring: the mind and body relationship, our addictive tendencies, and/or the strange ideas people lend themselves. It’s been good to group them together here under a new roof.

They are perhaps fluid reminders to simplify our lives, and be more free, and reconciled, with our natures within, and the Nature without.

I’ve been happy just to draw/re-draw them. I won’t be adding any more after a certain point (probably 2022) so, although they are a rare, limited collection, they are not 100% capped.

There is a section for them on my (early stage) Discord (contact for invite link), but this doesn’t stop a community from forming something more dedicated.

I was also testing out the Rarible’s free minting process (very easy) which now comes with a possible Community Marketplace feature too.

Stay tuned for a few more collections I have in the works…..

Best wishes, fellow avatars!


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