My Art as NFT
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My Art as NFT

Work in Nature (for NFTs)

coming soon to the Organic Metaverse

Outside of keeping up various art and NFT projects, I enjoy being… outside!

Gardening, permaculture, rewilding, growing, planting… this keeps me sane, healthy and in contact with reality/environment.

It also helps my ‘Organic Metaverse’ photo/art project on Opensea (Polygon) in which I ‘explore’ nature and its forms and details, via art and expressionism.




Globally registered ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ allow original art to be owned, collected, traded etc. Learn about and collect some rare Crypto-art today…

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Ade M. Campbell

Ade M. Campbell

Writer, NFT artist + minter, explorer of new tech, games, nature and crypto: Ade’s Press:

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