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My Author Journey, Saturday, July 15, 2017

# 978 (countdown)

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Being fascinated by and reminding myself how beautiful the world actually is and how beautiful are the things human beings make.

We make beautiful things. But, by the same token, we also make awful things.

We were able to make both beautiful and awful things long time ago. We are able to make both beautiful and awful things today. And it will always stay this way.

Sometimes we warn each other that we human beings are killing our planet and that we are the problem. The biggest threat to our planet. The sole reason behind our inevitable extinction. It’s possible that we will be this sole reason.

But I think at the same time we make this world such an interesting place.

I don’t agree that we are our planet’s biggest problem or disease.

We human beings are part of this setting. With all our amazing innate characteristics. Those characteristics are the reason we are able to create so much, but they’re also the reason we pose this threat to the whole ecosystem (including ourselves).

I think we shouldn’t beat ourselves up because of what we do to this planet. We are the way we are. We didn’t come up with this. We didn’t manufacture it, our characteristics. The evolution did.

We can’t change the fact that we are able to make both awesome and awful things. And that we make them. Both. We’re beauty and the beast. It’s how it always was. We can’t change that.

A while ago we started to ponder how we can cheat death or reverse ageing. We want more of what we like and less of what we don’t. We want to doctor everything.

But why do we want that? Because that’s who we are. We’re not bad because we want that. We are ourselves so to speak. I know many would argue that most people are not themselves (that they can’t be themselves), but I think that this statement is ridiculous. We’re all 100% us.

And we’re also 100% human beings. We happen to be the species that is responsible for greatest changes. We screw up a lot of things. It’s inevitable. It is impossible to foresee all possible consequences years in advance. And we need to remember that some of the first major changes (when human beings replaced the old order with the new order) happened tens of thousands years ago.

We’re used to call them advancements (and we mean improvement), but what would we call them if we were to look at our species from the point of view of someone who is trying to retrace our steps to our self-destruction?

We’re not the world’s worst problem. Or its deadly disease. We’re part of the setting. With all our characteristics that made us the biggest change agents in the world.

The world’s has us as its part. We did and continue to do awesome things. We did and continue to do awful things. We’re not the world’s problem. We’re our problem if we’re going to drive ourselves to self-destruction. But that’s not our fault. We are so designed by nature.

And if so we’re an unsolvable problem. A problem (or flawed creation) that is meant to be part of the setting.

Or, a different take. What if the fact that we’re a flawed creation is universe’s way to self-regulate? Thus, maybe we will not be the sole reason behind our possible self-destruction? Maybe it is how the universe rolls.

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