Breaking the pattern | 982

My Author Journey, Tuesday, July 11, 2017

# 982 (countdown)

I’m discovering day to day photography. That’s probably what people like Vivian Maier experienced too. A life through a lens.

It’s already drawn me in. There is something powerful in it, magical even.

It distorts the reality. Or there is no one reality and if so it can’t be distorted. It can only be shaped by our seeing the world in a unique way.

Even something so obvious as a chair is not just a chair. It’s an object which can be viewed from billions different perspectives. Some will see it and think about the game they played in childhood and for some it will remind them of something unpleasant or even painful they went through. Some will pay attention to the colors and some will admire the work of the person who made it.

There’s only the reality that we create through our unique perspective. Day to day photography can teach us this faster than any course on negotiation or conflict resolution.

I think I’m always on the lookout for the unusual (unnoticed) components of our reality.

Or am I?

I think that’s not true. The things that I find aren’t at all unusual (unnoticed). It’s my perspective that is unusual. The things I notice (and others don’t) aren’t unnoticed. For the most part they don’t even exist. They can’t be noticed. They’re inaccessible to others. They’re inaccessible even to me. I create them. My mind creates them. This unique image. This singular perspective for which we would need the mind of the other person with all his/ her experiences and memories. Unattainable.

Big idea!

Never tell people things which will make you look like you’re the smartest person in the room and at the same time leave them feeling that they’re dumb as f*ck.

Heard an example of this in a subway. It sucks! We like to shine and so we should pay attention to this. I myself put a lot of effort into that. I made it my goal to stop each time I’m about to say something “smart” which might cause the other person to feel uncomfortable. And then I ask myself Will it make me feel like I’m the smarter of us both? If so I shouldn’t say it. How can I say it differently? It’s huge with kids as they are hypersensitive to this kind of talking by their parents. Parents tend to do it a lot when talking to their kids. A lot!


In the Shadow of the American Dream: The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz (30 min; on scribd app).

Listening to audio.

Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body by Jo Marchant (30 min; on audible app)


Call Me Lucky (on Netflix). Great, great documentary! Couldn’t help but watch the entire thing in one sitting. A masterpiece! It’s a journey into the mind of the standup comedian Barry Crimmins.

Those who believe that things past no longer matter (that what matters is the present moment and we should focus only on that) are wrong and will probably change their minds after watching this movie.

Things past (memories and experiences — both the painful and joyous ones) shape who we become.

It doesn’t matter if we need both. We will get our fair share of both one way or another. There is no escaping that. There are lessons and opportunities to grow in each one of those.

What’s interesting about the painful ones is that their value for us increases in direct proportion to the pain they cause to us. If we pay attention that is.

We need to search for those lessons by pondering those events. They’re not self-evident and inescapable. They will not come to us. We need to put effort if we want to benefit from them. Otherwise they will be nothing but a yet another grievance or resentment.

(Call Me Lucky — A film by Bobcat Goldthwait)

Videos on YouTube.


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Progress on my second book. Some editing on my first draft plus 500 new words. Not a bad day.

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Music for this writing session: The Martian Original Motion Picture Score (a playlist on spotify by Harry Gregson-Williams).