Negative. Cow. | 968

My Author Journey, Tuesday, July 25, 2017

# 968 (countdown)

This photo is an accident.

Were it not for the fact that my son and I got lost today while driving back to our summer house after our visit to a cinema this photo wouldn’t exist.

A chance is a potent factor in our lives.

We meet by chance. We find our partners by chance. We fall in love by chance. We have children by chance. We find a job by chance. We find our passion by chance. We get sick by chance. We die by chance. We find new methods of doing things or solutions to our problems by chance. We win and lose by chance (although preparation is always key — the difference: we don’t have a prayer without preparation).

We get lost by chance and when we can’t rely on our inventions (like maps, compasses or GPS systems) we even find our way out of being lost by chance.

So many things happen in our lives by chance.

The fact that I walk this earth today is due to a string of evens that happened by chance. My biological parents met by chance. They had sex with each other by chance. And as chance would have it they did it without protection or the protection wasn’t 100% safe and the pregnancy happened. By chance it was my biological mother’s decision to give birth to this baby and then give it away for adoption. By chance it was my adoptive parents’ decision to take me as their child (one of many two-year-olds who were in the same situation I was) and raise me. By chance my adoptive parents weren’t bad people and by chance I wasn’t too big of a challenge to them.

Actually it’s true of every person who walks this earth. Some of them like to think that they were “planned” but if they think about it, there is no way they could have been planned. Two people might have planned that they will have a baby, but that’s about it. They didn’t know boy or girl, blonde or dark-haired, left- or right handed, this or that character or temperament, healthy or with health problems, without or with disability, etc. That’s like having an idea that we will eat today. And your meal can be foie gras at a fancy French restaurant or leftovers you eat from a garbage can because you have no other option.

The fact that we all live is due to a chance, one way or another. Planned pregnancy or not, we all are here due to a chance. And whatever characteristics and talents we possess it is also due to a chance.

The fact that I write those blog posts and books (started my career as a writer) is due to a chance.

And yet most people prefer order and sticking to a plan. They don’t like chance because chance is uncontrollable.

They are adamant at trying to eliminate chance from their lives. At the recommendation of their risk-averse parents and other family members at the age of 18 they want to decide their future careers so that they know / have it all sorted out from the very start. It comforts them that they know their future in advance. They’ve eliminated both negative and positive chance from their lives, at least as far as their careers are concerned.

There is always a possibility that a chance will not affect our lives in a positive way. But there is equal possibility that it will be positive. Yes, a chance means there is risk involved. There is no such thing as a risk free chance.

Seth Godin taught us that in order to grab people’s attention we need to show them something remarkable. A brown (brown and white) or a black (black and white) cow is dull. A purple cow is something worth remarking on. It is something for which we will stop our car and watch.

My cow wasn’t purple (it was black and white) and yet I stopped my car to take this photo. Then I decided that I will make a negative of it. That’s also how we can make things which seem dull interesting. How suddenly everything shifts. Those who can do it are the only ones who reinvent industries.


Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America (on Netflix). A fascinating story of a black guy named Daryl Davis who decided that he would meet and befriend some of the most prominent members of the Ku Klux Klan.

He basically did the unthinkable. He looked at hate and fight and made a negative of it — love and friendship.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (on a big screen).

Progress on my second book. Zero editing.

My today’s answer on Quora:

Answer to I don’t feel like I’m good enough for a music career when comparing my singing to others. What should I do?

Music for this writing session: Best by number of views by Secession Studios (on spotify). Then Wonderdrome by Secession Studios (on spotify). RonakBear (on soundcloud). Then Messages from Hermes from The Martian Original Motion Picture Score by Harry Gregson-Williams (on spotify, on repeat). Then THE LOVERS, FOUNTAIN, WORSHIP by VVITCH (on soundcloud). Then There Is No End To Wonder, Way of the Dawn by TheMuseMaker (on soundcloud). Then Reflex by SAINt JHN (on soundcloud). Then Gravity from Gravity: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Steven Price (on spotify, on repeat). Then Binary Birth, Hymn of the Horizon by thesecession (on YouTube).

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