Diary of an artist
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Diary of an artist

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Woke up 4:10 am
To bed at 10:00 pm

Again I start my diary entry not knowing what to start it with. Actually that’s not true. I know that when I don’t know what to start a diary entry with, I start it with anything. With a sentence like the one in the beginning of this entry. This is already a start. I started writing my next diary entry. I put things in motion. I’m giving my brain a warm-up, and I count that something will be born that way. If nothing else will be born that way, at least I produced this. I have something. I made an attempt. I didn’t wait in…




Documenting my creative process

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Lukasz Laniecki

Lukasz Laniecki

Thinker | Writer | Artist. https://lukaszlaniecki.wixsite.com/portfolio https://lukaszlaniecki.wixsite.com/lanieckiphotography

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