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My Author Journey, Thursday, November 23, 2017

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The diaries of David Wojnarowicz should be the required reading for all young people when they’re in high school. To many people it may seem that this guy was all about sucking cocks left and right, jerking off and fucking other men, but boy this guy knew about life.

Many of those young adults would stop being anxious about the future (after years of being under the influence of their parents’ insecurities and screwed up life philosophy offered to them as the only right way to live their lives, which they in turn got from other people after seeing nothing but this one path) and they would start living their lives. I guess they wouldn’t be frightened (overwhelmed actually) by the prospect of becoming adults.

I’m so glad I discovered him and that my life is being enriched every time I read his stuff.

I made an important discovery today. A breakthrough!

I finished watching the documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond which is a behind-the-scenes look at how Jim Carrey adopted the persona of idiosyncratic comedian Andy Kaufman on the set of Man on the Moon.

Like many young adults Andy Kaufman thought that his father wasn’t supportive of him. And, of course, it bothered him greatly that his own father didn’t support him. Like it bothers so many young people in this world.

In the documentary there is a scene where Jim Carrey (being totally in character of Andy Kaufman at all times during shooting) is sitting in one of the makeup trailers where he’s being readied for his role, and suddenly he goes crazy and starts screaming at the other actor (who in the movie Man on the Moon plays Andy’s father):

I just wanna be supported. I mean if I wanna choose to do something you should support me. I mean I don’t understand why you’re always negative.

What I realized is that there are no unsupportive parents in this world. They always support us because they care about us (we’re part of their clan so it is important for them that we succeed so that they have a peace of mind and something to brag about to their friends, and also so that they can look good in front of other family members). They want the best for us so how can we say they’re unsupportive.

It’s what they want to support vs. what they don’t want to support.

They want to support things which they know well. Tried and true shit. Things they did in their lives (and consider the right stuff to do), or which they should have done (according to their current conviction) but didn’t.

In other words they want to be able to support the things they’ll pick as being worthy of supporting (the only right way of living one’s life).

Now, what they don’t want to support is weird stuff. Stuff they themselves never tried (which means it’s outside their comfort zone and risky). Stuff nobody from their social circle did (which means it’s either impossible or unwise). Stuff which is freaking hard and which comes with no guarantee of success and where only few people make it (which means you’ll struggle for years, never see any success and thus waste your life). Stuff they’ve never heard of (which means it’s not what they’d call “real life”).

They‘re not unsupportive. They want to be able to pick what it is they’ll support. That’s why they get mad when someone tells them they don’t support their children. Of course they support them. Just give them a chance and they’ll prove it. Simply forget about all the silly stuff you dream about in life and start doing it the way they did it. Adopt their mindset. Believe what they believe. You’ll get a ton of support from them.

So it’s safe to say that according to those parents it’s their children’s fault. If they don’t see their parents’ support it means they’ve chosen the wrong things in life.


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