The evolution of passion. Part Two | 938

My Author Journey, Monday, August 28, 2017

# 938 (countdown)

Had a one-day pause in taking my walks in the city and shooting photos. Sunday was the day my son returned from his summer camp and I wanted to be home with him, and also there was some work around our apartment that needed to be done.

My today’s walk lasted a little bit over one hour which I consider my success because recently the duration of those walks (close to two hours or even longer) started to collide with my other daily activities / take its tool. This walk was short but there were many great photo opportunities so I’m satisfied. I like how I lose myself in this activity. Right now it’s like writing for me. I’m completely in the zone when I write and when I shoot photos.

And that’s something I want to expand on today. The evolution of passion.

Not so long ago I said (and I said it many times) that I don’t believe in such thing as an abundance of passions. That I think you can’t have too many passions, or even that you can’t have more than one passion. Today, after 18 days of shooting photos almost daily (with this one exception yesterday) and clearly being hooked — losing the sense of passing time while doing it, looking forward to it with excitement, feeling that I absolutely need it each day (like I need oxygen), enjoying every second of it, I have new thoughts on passion.

It’s still incomprehensible to me how someone could have a passion (or more than one passion) and be at a loss what he / she should do with it or about it. It’s like you either love it and do it almost each day (or on a regular basis — you alternate between those activities) because you can’t not do it (passion), or you don’t do it, and if that’s the case, if you can still ignore the activity, it is not your passion.

In other words passion isn’t something you wish you did / wish you could do. Passion is something you do without fail. It’s like this thing takes care of itself. There is no I can’t because…

  • I’m too scared
  • my parents don’t get it
  • my family doesn’t support me
  • my parents think it’s too risky
  • no one in my entire family ever heard of anyone who would make a living doing it,
  • I read on the Internet that this isn’t a good moment
  • I read on the Internet that it’s a very difficult market
  • my parents threatened that they will disown me (because I can’t do it to them after they invested their hard-earned money in my “practical” college education)
  • my spouse is against it
  • my children are against it
  • my sibling tells me that I shouldn’t upset my parents this way
  • my boss wants me to work long hours
  • I have small children
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t want to quit my well-paying job and downsize
  • I believe that I have the obligation to maintain the current standard of living (because my family got used to a cozy life)
  • I think that I’m not good at it.

“I can’t because…” is alien to the person who has a passion. It’s an expression used only by those who don’t have a passion.

Now, what if someone says he / she has two or more passions and thus doesn’t know which one to pick? I don’t believe such scenario is possible either. Thanks to my recent fondness for photography I’m starting to realize that your passion doesn’t need to be for just one thing. It can encompass many things. Something Philippe Petit said about himself and his creative process helped me understand it better too. He said:

I’m not a wire walker. A wire walker walks in a circus 365 days a year, and me, I draw, I do so many things in so many directions, although for me it’s all connected.

You see, you can do many things in many directions, instead of having this singular passion (for writing for example), but those things, those smaller chunks a bigger thing (of your passion for creating for that matter), or those things you do with passion in unison (those separate passions you follow at any given point in your life) don’t compete against each other, they’re all connected, they self-regulate.

It’s like they know when to make room for one another, when to wait while this other thing gets our undivided attention. It’s like the things for which we have passion know that they can all coexist in a perfect harmony. There is no battle between those things because there is no such need. They feed off one another (inspire and help one another evolve).

So today, with this new data on passion (my own experience) I would say it differently than I did it only a couple of weeks before. We can have more than one passion in our life (or our passion can encompass more than just one thing), but what still remains incomprehensible to me is how someone could not know what to do with / about those passions (chunks of one bigger passion). I can’t imagine such scenario. Having many passions — yes. Having many passions and not knowing what to do with / about them — that’s impossible in my opinion.

If you have a passion you always know what to do with / about it. You simply pursue it (you have no choice because it’s that strong). You do the damn thing. You don’t hesitate, you don’t ponder what you might do, or what would be a better choice, or where there are better chances of succeeding. You don’t even have those dilemmas.

So if you say I have two / many passions and I don’t know what I should do then you don’t have a passion at all.


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