Diary of an artist
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Diary of an artist

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Woke up 4:35 am
To bed at 10:00 pm

Peace. I want peace. Is peace achievable on this planet at all? Or on this plane I’m now on?

I think peace is a yet another ideal of ours which is as ridiculous as freedom. I mean on this planet. Of course I could go to some distant island and live on it alone (if it’s at all still possible in this day and age with 8 billion people on this planet), but even this would not guarantee me peace. If you’ve been part of society for as many years as I was, peace will not be possible. I guess some…




Documenting my creative process

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Lukasz Laniecki

Lukasz Laniecki

Thinker | Writer | Artist. https://lukaszlaniecki.wixsite.com/portfolio https://lukaszlaniecki.wixsite.com/lanieckiphotography

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