Mental Health

July 12
Today was day two of this cool, wet week. No complaints here! I had a day with a friend where we chatted about our own HCs. Hers not being physical inability, but still a huge concern. It, always, feels good to express myself. I do truly like talking with others about each of our situations. The afternoon began with us going out to get a bite to eat. It’s so nice to have friends who don’t see that I am any kind of a hindrance. It’s been very hard to do, but I want very much to stop thinking about it, too. I guess it’s hard to do because it’s such a big part of me. This is pretty much how it is with any and all people with HCs. Mental therapy is a big help. I’ve seen it as a way to release my anger and keep it away from my friendly interactions. I wish I’d done it sooner. What is so helpful in this life today is that it is much more acceptable that someone can have any kind of therapy to help open their mind when thoughts of frustration are crowding the airways. It is so needed for each of us since we all have uncertainties that are, often, in the forefront of our thoughts….that is until something more interesting or important comes to mind. Any more I’m finding that to be the case. I just love this new life.

July 14
I took my scooter and met my friend, Carole, at West Park. That is about 1/2 hour from here (by scooter). The ride there was fine, but the ride home is what reminds me that people still do exist that just don’t think about or care if they inconvenience HCs. They park their damn vehicles wherever they want. This time this one totally blocked the sidewalk. It was a busy street, too. I had to go down (deep angle) onto the street and hug the side and go to the next driveway to get back up onto the sidewalk. Scary to me. Basically, I just want to say that EVERY scooter-involved trip has some kind of negative SOMETHING!

I know that I’m not the only HC person that this happens to. I see articles about the same situation many times. I just don’t understand why people will continue to make things difficult for us. Most of it is unthinking and uncaring. One time when we came out of a restaurant, Gandy Dancer, we found a car parked in between us and another car in a HC area. The spot they parked in had blue cross lines in it indicating that it was not a parking spot. Joe went back in to report it. Why do people ignore helping us?

And worse yet why do they do things that show how they don’t even think of us at all. This makes my smile turn into a frown.




Here’s a main part of my life in dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy. I sure hope with some of the thoughts and feelings I’ve expressed that this can help anyone who is as frustrated as I was!

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Janice Corak

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