My Digital Bookshelf

“I just sit in my office and read all day.” — Warren Buffet

Yesterday I read a Jackie Luo’s post, and I was amazed by her story about coding every single day in a year.

After I read her post, I got her github to see if it was really a true story (lol). And it was! :)

In her github I found her digital bookshelf, and it inspired me to build my own digital bookshelf (built with AngularJS — yeah, the basics, but it was fun! :) ).

The idea is to push myself to read more in this year, write more about it and have fun with coding hehe

I’ve read 3 books this year, but now I’m writing what I’ve learned about the ‘Delivering Happiness” book, that I finished yesterday. I’ll start with it!

I’ll see you soon! :)

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