A shovel


When I started “My Camera & My Chai” on Wordpress, the general approach was to take a somewhat ironic look at life, and not to give any, or too much, photographic ‘gyan’.

There are many people who can do that, and sometimes, it is good to see if there is a story behind the image, or not.

And so, digging.

Ah, the magic of the mobile phone!

This one was taken when I was in the hill town of Bhimtal in India.

To be more precise, I was at the Silent Valley Homestay in Bhimtal. You can click the link to see the location on Google Maps.

We had brief moments of sunshine during the first two days. There was rain, thunder, lightning and hail. Hail that damaged the crop of peas that the hill farmers were growing.

The family that owns the home stay were getting some work done, and this work had to be paused as the ground was too wet. And so, the spade was waiting for me to photograph it.


In Bhimtal, I was far away from the mess that Covid-19 is creating in our lives. We are being dug into a hole by a microbe — a virus. This is something that we seemed to have been warned about by Bill Gates in 2015.

Yet, we have continued to live our lives like blissful, greedy morons. We have not sought to strike a balance with nature, and to live with nature.

Americans, it appears, are buying guns in panic. I ask, why? To shoot the virus? The West, it appears, is out of toilet paper? Can’t they use water to wash their bums?

People across the world are stockpiling grains, soap, vegetables, fruits, and all sorts of things. One lady just bought 200 Vicks Vapo-Rub bottles. What does she plan to do with this?

So, not only is the virus digging a small hole for us to lie in, we seem not to notice the hole that is being dug.

It’s a hole of stupidity, panic, selfishness (witness Donald Trump) and rumor.

It does not matter if my neighbor cannot wash his hands, as long as I get to wash mine.

What else do we see?

The virus, apart from giving us a nasty flu, is also giving us a nasty look at ourselves. We should look deep within, to dig out the devil that lurks within.

We dig and dig.

Sometimes, and some people, dig and find something better. But, more often than not — in India at least — I find that people are discovering the more base qualities that they deny they have.

Once the virus goes away, we will dig up the dirt that that is around us, and attempt to cover the hole.

But, things will not be the same



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